Pitt-Starter: Help The Funniest Kids in Town, Move Across Town

One of the best kept secrets in town just maybe the Steel City Improv Theater (aka SCIT).  SCIT was founded about 2 years ago by two folks who met doing improv in NYC and decided the burgh needed a space for Improv.  Since it’s founding – SCIT has hosted classes and performances almost everyday of the week – and they have outgrown their little theater on the North Side.

Well the SCIT folks are moving across town – and they need your help.  A new space for the theater and classrooms has been rented in Shadyside – just beneath the Highland Ave bridge and demolition has begun.

Even these kids have fun tearing down walls, well at least they take funny pictures…

while their Kickstarter project has met the initial goal of $5000 – they are eager to raise the full $12500 – money will go to the build out of their new theater space.

Watch the Kickstarter video below and support the SCIT here.  They have some great thank you gifts – including the option to name the bathroom in the new theater.

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  • Markfages1

    Love workshops at SCIT! Can’t wait to return to the Burgh!!!
    – Mark Fages, Cincinnati