If you’ve always wanted to start your own band…

Then this workshop at the Mattress Factory is for you.  On Saturday, September 15, 2012 – the Mattress Factory  hosts Tunes to the Truth: Songwriting Workshop.

Tunes to the Truth: Songwriting Workshop
September 15
Mattress Factory, 500 Sampsonia Way, Northside
free with museum admission
all ages

The workshop is an opportunity to creatively voice your opinion on important social or political issues through songwriting and video! Using a musical version of the exquisite corpse game, we will collectively rewrite ridiculous, meaningless contemporary songs and make them significant. Of course, writing the song is just the beginning. We’ll be making band t-shirts related to the songs we wrote and any other fantastic props to then use in our music video. The final product will be revolutionary music videos that will put us one step closer to bridging the gap between popular music and real issues. Taught by artist Julia Cahill.

Thanks to SwitchboardPGH for the heads up on this.

Looking for some song writing inspiration … check out episode 339 of This American Life – Break-Up.  In Act 1- This American Life Starlee Kine gets some help writing a break up song from an expert – Phil Collins.

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