Add a Little Rick Sebak to Your Photos with Yinztagram

Yinztagram - Incline over Seattle

Yinztagram by @HollzinSeattle

If you follow @IheartPGH on twitter – you know that I am a devoted Blackberry user.  I am constantly being asked why I use such a device when I could just “get an iphone.”   I am loyal to the Blackberry. Until this week – something happened – that may be the reason I need to get an iphone – it is for the sake of all things Pittsburgh.

Meet the app that may make me break up with my Blackberry (I might say that my relationship has been one of the longest and best of my life) – Yinztagram.

Yinztagram is a free iPhone app that allows you to add some Pittsburgh to any photo.   You know how Pittsburgher’s believe that everything tastes better with fries on top?  Well some smart folks realized that all photos look better with a Primanti’s sandwich or Rick Seback added to the image.

You can read more about the Pittsburgh elements of the app here.

Check out some of these Yinztagrams and what people are saying about the app…

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