Weekend Events – Tar & Feathering, Beach Party, Rusted Root and Lots More

Allegheny County Music Festival 2012 with Rusted Root

Another perfect August weekend in Pittsburgh.  We hope you will use Yinztagram to share your photos of how you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer in Pittsburgh.  (If you are asking “what’s Yinztagram?” right now you are missing out, or shall we say ‘aht – click here to read up on the app […]

Add a Little Rick Sebak to Your Photos with Yinztagram


If you follow @IheartPGH on twitter – you know that I am a devoted Blackberry user.  I am constantly being asked why I use such a device when I could just “get an iphone.”   I am loyal to the Blackberry. Until this week – something happened – that may be the reason I need […]

Vulture Fun for the Whole Family


Yep.  That is supposed to say vultures.  Now that the olympics are over – I know everyone has turned their attention to the I know everyone is thinking about shark week.  The National Aviary wants to remind you about another important member of our eco-system… vultures. The National Aviary is hosting a special program this […]