Eat Like a Southerner at Yinzburgh BBQ

Pittsburgh is a city of many things, bridges, French Fries on everything, some of the friendliest people in America, and now with the recent addition of YinzBurgh BBQ, Pittsburgh is the home of an authentic Southern Barbeque. Located right on Baum Boulevard in Bloomfield, YinzBurgh is owned and operated by Richard Coursey, a native of Southern Georgia. Richard came to Pittsburgh originally as an engineer and decided to open his own restaurant and says he is as happy as he’s ever been.

YinzBurgh has three equally unique sauces it serves with all of its dishes, all having distinct Southern origins. All of the meat and tofu (YinzBurgh is proudly vegetarian and vegan friendly) is properly rubbed and smoked, keeping true to its Southern Roots.

After a little I Heart PGH field trip, we recommend the BBQ sandwiches. Not only is the meat delicious, but the sauce is served on the side so you can mix it up and dictate just how messy your eating experience is. And all of the sides are to die for. The coleslaw is creamy and delightful with just the right amount of tang, the black-eyed peas have the perfect texture and don’t even get us started on the mac and cheese! Also, a cold beverage from Burgh-based soda company Red Ribbon makes the perfect complement.

Rich is a very friendly man and if he’s not too busy, he will let you taste each sauce and happily talk with you about his restaurant and the food he is so proud of.

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