A California Girl Finds Tacos in Pittsburgh

Say hello to Sarah!  She has just moved to Pittsburgh from the west coast and will be blogging about discovering Pittsburgh

A recent misfortune that resulted in my getting lost for an hour around the West End Bridge led to a happy mistake: finding the California Taco Shop in Overbrook.

This place has been on my mind since I moved out here about two months ago from San Diego and it did not disappoint. And since I was the only person in the joint, I chatted with the owner, Gustavo, who’s also a fellow (former) San Diegan.

Gustavo opened the shop about three months ago and made it a point to serve “San Diego-style” Mexican fare, which means California burritos (meaning there’s a big-ole smack of fries thrown in), carne asada fries and the San Diego staple: the breakfast burrito.

Our friend Gustavo was born in Ensenada and because of this claims he makes a mean fish taco. I have yet to try one, but I can only imagine.

This place is pretty reasonably priced, a little out of the way along Route 51, but still worth it if you want to try a West Coast specialty.

I recommend my favorite, the pollo asado fries, they’re even great reheated the next day.

You can find the California Taco Shop on Yelp here.

California Taco Shop on Urbanspoon

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  • Killer_133

    It’s in Whitehall!

  • How funny. I’m a Pittsburgh girl, born and raised. I recently-ish moved to Northern CA. What a culture shock! It’s amazing here, but I still miss da Burgh

  • Welcome! I look forward to your future posts, and findin some new places.

    • Lindsay

      Dave – thanks so much for stopping by! I haven’t seen your blog before – and so excited to find it – I am especially eager to check out Hank’s Frozen Custard. I have never been there.
      Please submit Burgh Feeding to BlogLocal.net too – http://bloglocal.net/submit/
      Thanks! Lindsay