Meet BlogLocal – Help Spread the Word About My New Project

I have been working on this for the past year and I am excited to share this with you.   I don’t think I have shared much about this project here on IheartPGH yet, I wanted to get the first version of the website working.  We still have alot more work to do on this – she is in need of a facelift but the site is functional.  I am eager to introduce you to BlogLocal.

BlogLocal is literally a map of local blogs, in the future you will also be able to sort and view blogs by topic as well.  Right now we just have the location feature working.

Please visit BlogLocal and check out the map.  If you have a blog that mostly focuses on a place – a food blog that reviews Pittsburgh restaurants, a Pittsburgh kids blog, a blog about Pittsburgh sports – please make sure to submit your blog to the list here.  You can also follow BlogLocal on Twitter and Facebook.

Here is where we need your help!

I have just submitted an entry to the Knight News Challenge – which is an international contest that supports projects around news and media run by the Knight Foundation.

Please check out the BlogLocal entry to the Knight News Challenge and leave feedback – ask questions, make suggestions.  Also – if you are a Tumblr user – please give us some love and reblog the post.



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