Help Bring Paul Nosa’s Sewing Tour to Pittsburgh

Sewing Tour 2012 is project that came up on Kickstarter. We have posted some Kickstarter projects here before – Kickstarter is a website that lets your croudsource funding for projects and businesses.

I am sharing this project because it has a really nice little video and I think it is a neat little project.  While I don’t do much of it myself, I like sewing and quilting and I like to think that quilts – which were used to tell stories are sort of a precursor to the modern day blog.

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Paul Nosa is an artist who creates drawings with a sewing machine.  He powers the sewing machine with solar power.  He is trying to raise money to take his solar powered sewing machine on a cross country tour this summer.  One of the stops is already planned for Pittsburgh.

Here is one of the patches he created with his sewing machine titled Bicycle Over City

Check out his video and maybe lend some support to his tour.

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