Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible in Town to Makeover Bloomfield Restaurant

Earlier this year I stumbled upon the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible.  In each episode the host, Robert Irvine, steps in to help a stuggling local establishment with a kitchen, menu, staff and decor makeover.  This show is interesting to watch because part of it is about helping local restaurants learn to succeed better.  And it is fun to see the extreme makeover of the place happen on a $10,000 in just a few days.

We have just learned from the Yelp Pittsburgh message board that Restaurant Impossible is taking over Del’s in Bloomfield today and tomorrow.  Del’s is a third generation Pittsburgh institution that we have long been a fan of, but honestly haven’t dined there in a few yeas.   But from the looks of the recent reviews of Del’s on Urbanspoon it seems things are struggling a bit at Del’s. Hopefully a visit from the Food Network will mean good things for this Bloomfield Establishment.

Here is a clip of Restaurant Impossible:

Also interesting is that a local chef and author of the blog Pittsburgh Hot Plate will be assisting with the Restaurant Impossible makeover.  The Forest Hills Patch is reporting that Chef Chuck Kerber  will be part of the show.  The Food Network contacted Kerber because of his not so great review of Del’s.  Kerber will be featured on the show and will write a new review after Del’s re-opens.

Del's Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  • joggingjeans

    Let us know when it is going to air! Love that show!

    • Steve

      February 29th at 10:00pm

  • Debra

    OMG! Would love to be at the opening! Love watching his show.

  • Pete

    I hope this helps, it would be nice to have another option. The Italian food in Bloomfield/Little Italy isn't very good to begin with, but Del's is deplorable, some of the nastiest food I have ever ate.

    • Brian C

      Pete, please try Stagioni or Sausalido, both in Bloomfield and both excellent… You'll never go again to Del's, or the Pleasure (shudder) Bar again…

  • christina bistolas

    Love Robert Irvine! Would love to be a part of the reopening! I watch his shows daily. Mission impossible is one of my favorites! Please please!

  • Frequently Eats Out

    Good thing, I have such fond memories of Dell's as a little girl out for family dinner. Sorry to say my memories from this past summer are horrid. It was the only time I've not been able to finish my meal at a restaurant. I will await the reviews before I run down to retry. When will the show air?

  • guest

    My family and I frequent Del's often and love everything about it from the marinated carrots on the salad, to the bread, soup and of course lasagna and eggplant parmagina. Anyone who states the food and service isn't good, must go to only upscale restaurants that cost a fortune. Our family of 6 (all adults) get to eat dinner, and have left overs for everyones lunch for 2 days for under 70.00 on a week night. It is a great family neighborhood. Most of the staff recognizes us each time we come in which makes it very comfortable after a long day. Hope who ever "makes over Del's" doesn't change what is good about it.

    • frankie rizz

      "Anyone who states the food and service isn't good, must go to only upscale restaurants that cost a fortune. Our family of 6 (all adults) get to eat dinner, and have left overs for everyones lunch for 2 days for under 70.00 on a week night" SUCH A CLASSIC PITTSBURGH MISCONCEPTION!!!!!! Why does everyone in this city think that because you get 2lbs of Pasta it is a great meal? QUANITY DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY. You want a deal, go to Subway. Del's hasn't been good in years and I hope this show kicks them into high gear and they step up there game, because they are/were a Pittsburgh tradition.

  • Frank

    Go to Alexander's Pete. It's the best and very close to you if you're in that area.

  • Pearl

    Also try Stagioni up the street (across from the gas station) – its excellent food and BYOB. I cant wait to try Del's though, I havent been since I cant even remember when and the outside deck seems like it would be fun in the summer.

  • christina h.

    Your ost says "today and tomorrow" but there's no date in your article or in the post header or footer. Was this in November? I live very close and the past few years we keep trying Del's once/year and are consistently, not just disappointed but completely grossed out. I would love to try it out after the re-do!

    • iheartpghcom

      Sorry about that – I am not sure why the dates aren't displaying. This was taking place on Dec. 1, 2011.
      I will try to get the dates fixed ASAP.

  • Guest

    I sure hope they revise their lasagna. It is terrible.

  • btezra

    The tv crew should film Friday night’s kareoke crowd, there are quite a few regulars who are worth filming…hope the makeover works, I’ve veered away from Del’s, I go to Akexanders just down Liberty Ave. for anything good-wise on lil’ Italy

  • Susan

    My husband and I frequented Del's when we lived in Pittsburgh. We loved the food and loved the servers and the atmosphere. Haven't been there in a very long time, so can't comment on the condition of the place at this point. It is a good Pittsburgh memory for us.

  • Laura

    I've honestly never had a good experience at Dell's the servers are never particularly friendly and their brunch is HORRIBLE almost everything I've had during their brunch is cold and their regular dinner food either had no flavor or bad flavor. I am a huge fan of small local places and I don't frequent fine dining establishments much but I just won't go to Dell's anymore. I love Alekxander's up the road and if you are just looking for good food somewhere in Pittsburgh go to Blue Dust in Homewood, amazing.

    • AnthonyInPA

      Homestead, not Homewood….huge difference lol

  • Anonymous

    We visited Del’s on 1/28/12 searching for a place to hold our son’s rehearsal dinner.  I cannot believe how horrible our evening was.  We made reservations, still waiting 20 min or longer.  Drank water out of plastic cups, appetizers awful, just awful.  I had fried shrimp which is hard to ruin.  The shrimp was not bad quality, however, having been in food service myself, it was not only completely overcooked, it was cooked in very old oil and it was left sitting before it was served.  Almost all of our food (party of 8) was lukewarm.  I am not sure, but I don’t think dessert is on the menu, which, of course wasn’t offered.  The atmosphere was dull and dreary.  Not updated downstairs and the jukebox which was behind us kept coming on randomly quite loud.
    I don’t usually take the time to write something like this, but we spent $22 a person without even a glass of wine and most of it was not eaten.  Terrible

  • Wat4

    this show is such a lie they spent more then 10,000 dollars, nobody should watch this show until i say so therefore dont watch because its all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ramona Manzo

    On Feb 4th we had my Grandson’s Birthday Party in the Downstairs room! Loved it-the round tables with glass tops and the walls are just fine for a banquet room! Did Not think it was dreary at all. We had a buffet set up and all the food was Hot & Wonderful. We ordered the stuffed hot banana peppers for my Dad and we even ordered some to go. Love the neighborhood, love that it’s Not a Chain and a great place to have dinner or a party that has home cooked food.