Local Honey, Now WITH Pollen

Did anyone else see the article from Food Safety News making the rounds on Facebook about how most mass produced honey doesn’t actually contain pollen?

Well, if you found that as disturbing as I did, you might be looking for a few good local sources to buy your honey from now on.  Here are a few ideas, and there are loads of other farms and resources out there.

Buy local honey from Steffes Wood Apiary (Aliquippa, PA) right now at Gallery on 43rd Street in Lawrenceville.  Why not stop down from December 1 through 4th when you can also enjoy the Joy of Cookies Cookie Tour?  That’s right, the Art of Bees is at Gallery on 43rd Street.  There is a selection of Spring, Summer and Fall Honey and if you pair that with a honey pot by Plum potter Karen McKee, you have the perfectly sustainable local gift! Open 7 days a week through December.

Support Wild Purveyors‘ new shop in Lawrenceville!  Although Wild Purveyors have reached their Kickstarter goal (congrats!) to open the Pennsylvania Specialty Foods Market at 5308 Butler Street, you can still support the campaign and be rewarded in fantastic store vouchers.  Or just plan to buy your honey (and more) there when they open their doors.

And there is always the great resource Burgh Bees, where if buying your honey isn’t local enough for you you can sign up for one of their apiary classes and produce your own.

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