Cafe Reopens at The Union Project

We are thrilled to learn that the cafe space at The Union Project has reopened as Cafe Ola Appetite! The Union Project is a former church that through a lot of volunteer work has been transformed into a community space.  The cafe closed a few years ago and they have been searching for the right person to take over the cafe space.

The Union Project is located at the corner of Stanton and Negly Avenues in East Liberty.  It is a great place to meet for a lunch or coffee meeting because there is a bus stop right out front and plenty of street parking.

The Union Project

Image by 18brumaire via Flickr

You can read more about the cafe on the Post-Gazette’s Walkabout blog here.

Cafe Ola Appetite Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-3pm
  • Saturday 8am-5pm

Cafe Ola Appetit on Urbanspoon

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