You may have noticed some buzz on the internet about Mac Miller and his new song and album Blue Slide Park.  Mac Miller is a hip hop artist who is from Pittsburgh and has recorded a few songs about the area.

Especially because it is the featured album in this weeks iTunes email:

Thanks to Mac Miller for putting Pittsburgh and this park on the map.  While we were excited to see Blue Slide Park gain such national attention – a quick search of google revealed that there isn’t much online about the actual Blue Slide Park. For those of you who are new to the area or haven’t heard of the place – Blue Slide Park is a real park and any kid that grew up in the Sq. Hill area will tell you this is THE BEST playground around.

While Pittsburgh has lots of great parks and playgrounds – I think most people who have been there will agree that Blue Slide Park is the best.  Yes, there is a giant, blue concrete slide that is built into the hillside.  Ok, to an adult, giant might be an exaggeration but it looks giant to kids and yes the slide is blue.

Where is Blue Slide Park? Blue Slide Park is park of Frick Park, located on Beechwood Blvd right by the entrance to the Off-Leash Exercise Area

Here is an image of the Blue Slide from Google Street View:

Please share your stories (and photos) of Blue Slide Park in the comments below.

You can listen to Mac Miller’s song Blue Slide Park on YouTube here – so far no music video for this track yet.

But if you are looking for more Pittsburgh scenery – check out Mac Miller’s video for the song Frick Park Market, which was filmed at the actual Frick Park Market – which is located on the other side of Frick Park from Blue Slide Park.   Th

Like Blue Slide Park, the Frick Park Market is an actual place – check out the reviews on Yelp here.  If you are looking for a sandwich or to pick up some milk – you should definitely stop by the Frick Park Market on Reynolds in Point Breeze.

You can read more about Mac Miller and his Blue Slide Park …

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  • karenobm

    Mac. leaving me breathless wid your rhymes.

  • sam

    i want to go to pittsburg just to take pictures at the blue slide and at frick park market!!!!!!!

  • Deania Parrish

    i just the other day went to blue slide park just bc i love mac miller and i ended up having a blast the blue slide is amazing even for an adult hahaha

    • Yep – blue slide park is one of the best parks ever.

  • Elaine

    We went to Blue Slide Park and Frick Park Market on our family vacation a few weeks ago.  My son is a huge Mac Miller fan.  The park is great, the slide is a ball and the people running Frick park Market are extremely nice and very accommodating with props, articles and fun information about Malcom!

    • Hi Elaine!  Thanks for sharing!  Glad you were able to visit Pittsburgh and check out some of the Mac Miller spots.  Do you have any photos you would like to share? 

  • Jobiska

    Thanks for this post–I wanted to geotag a couple of pictures and this was one of the first hits for my search for “big cement slide Pittsburgh!” My pictures are of a visit to my sister in the early 2000s while she was in library school at Pitt–my son and I are both sliding on the slide–the reason I wanted to find it is that this playground is the site of some of my mom’s favorite memories of living in PGH with three tiny kids in the early 1960s. So I slid on it as a child, and so has my son as a visiting child!

    Thanks for the map above. Made it very easy to geotag. 🙂

  • Guest

    Here’s me on it, probably c. 1965 or 1966.