Step Up To See the City


Image by peterp via Flickr

Well I was just about to write about the Fineview and South Side Slopes Step Treks.  But Diana Nelson Jones and I must be thinking the same thing.  She just posted about both of these events on her blog for the Post-Gazeete – Walkabout.  So click here to read her post about both of these great events.

This is one of my favorite photos of Pittsburgh that I took on the Step Trek in 2006.  That was the graffiti on the wall at the time.  I wonder if it is still there…

Fineview Step-a-thon 2011

South Side Slopes Step Trek

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  • I remember doing the Fineview Step-a-thon in 2006. It was definitely a fun, surreal experience. I would do it again on Saturday but have other plans already, unfortunately. Maybe next year! The South Side Slops Step Trek sounds fun, so I'll consider doing it.

  • Franklin

    I went to the Step Trek. It was great! A short report: