Kickstart Something in Pgh & Vote For Your Favorite Project is a website where people can croudsource funding for all sorts of projects – from books, movies, festivals and cool new products.  Project managers post a project – usually with a video and a bunch of pledge gifts – based on how much you give you also receive something in return – usually related to the project.  We have blogged about Kickstarter projects before – Fleeting Pages – the pop-up bookshop that took over the old Borders space just sent us a beautiful tote bag as a thank you gift for supporting their project.

There are a bunch of great Pittsburgh Kickstarter projects open right now – here are 3 we think are pretty great.  We hope you will take a second to look over some of these and consider making a contribution.  We also want you to vote for which project we should contribute $50. Take a look at the Kickstarter pages for each project and then cast your vote at the bottom.

Dream Big Pittsburgh – This is a project that will support kids who are participating in the Pittsburgh Summer Dreamers Academy at Faison Elementary participate in the InsideOut project.

The Steel City Games Fest: 24 new games over 24 hours – this is the 2nd Annual Steel City Games Fest, a project that is organized by Obscure Games Pittsburgh.

Pyrotopia: Festival of Fire Arts in Pittsburgh, PA – Oct 7-8 – festival of Fire to held in Braddock, PA.

Vote for your favorite project!
Voting will be open until 5pm, Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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  • Frank Cotton

    I think you missed a really big one (though it may not have wide-spread appeal) a local production company it looking to raise money to produce an 80S style horror film. The website is here-

    I thought some of your readers might be interested in this.