SXSW Panel on Local Blogging – We Need Your Vote!

SXSW (South By Southwest) is an annual music festival held each March in Austin, Texas.  In addition to music, SXSW hosts an interactive festival and a film festival.  The programming for the interactive festivals is submitted and voted on by the community.  The SXSW staff uses the community input to make the selections for panels and speakers for the upcoming festival.

For the 2012 SXSW Interactive festival we have submitted a panel on local blogging  – Local Legit: Who Blogs Local Best? Thank you to everyone who has suggested themes, ideas and questions around the idea of local coverage.  Here is a brief summary of the panel (read the full description here)

This panel will explore the idea of who covers local communities best, the rise of local blogging and the impact on those communities as well as what the local blogging landscape might look like in the future.

The Panelists – We have put together a great group of of panelist who can offer unique perspectives not only as bloggers, but also as  journalists who have covered local topics.  We are honored that each of these panelists has enthusiastically agreed to participate.  This panel also has some geographic diversity to look at local blogging in large cities like New York and more regional cities like Pittsburgh.

  • Anthony De Rosa
    • Co-founder of Neighborhoodr – city specific Tumblr blog network
    • Social Media Editor at Thomson Reuters
    • past speaker at SXSW
  • Kate Giammarise
    • Co-Founder of Rust Wire – a blog about the industrial Midwest
    • journalist covering the steel industry
    • former newspaper reporter Chillicothe, Lorain and Toledo, Ohio
  • Angie Schmitt
    • Co-Founder of Rust Wire – a blog about the industrial Midwest
    • Manager of the – a consortium of more than 400 active transportation blogs
    • former newspaper reporter
  • Erich Schwartzel
    • reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who has been working on the PG’s Marcellus Shale blog – Pipeline.
    • Pipeline combines community contributions with newsroom content to cover a story that’s rewiring much of Appalachia. Pipeline has been featured by the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard and was a Notable Entry in the 2011 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism.

Help us take the conversation about local blogging to SXSW and beyond!

  1. Vote for Local Legit: Who Blogs Local Best in the SXSW panel picker before September 2, 2011.  To vote you need to create an account, log-in and vote.
  2. Comment – join the conversataion.  Have questions about local and blogging? What do you want this panel to address?  Please add to the conversation in the comments section of the Local Legit panel on the SXSW panel picker website here.
  3. Share – Please help us spread the word by sharing the link to the Local Legit panel on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

G-Tree – Help Plant More Trees in Town

Lets talk Pittsburgh trees! Trees are an important thing here in the city – they help to keep the air clean and the city cooler.  Tree Pittsburgh (which used to be called Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest) is an organization that works with the communities and neighborhoods to preserve and protect Pittsburgh’s urban forest.

Tree Pittsburgh has teamed up with Groupon’s charity site, G-Team, to plant more trees in Pittsburgh.  This isn’t your usual groupon deal – just an opportunity to use the Groupon platform to help Tree Pittsburgh plant more Trees.  Each donation of $10 will plant another Tree here in Pittsburgh.

Click here to buy a tree for Pittsburgh from Groupon

Don’t have a Groupon Account yet? Click here to sign up for Groupon via our referral link.

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Register for the 4th Annual GLUE Conference!

First things first, we are not talking about rubber cement or Elmer’s glue – GLUE is about cities, neighborhoods and people. If you are a new reader or new to GLUE ..

GLUE is short for the Great Lakes Urban Exchange.  GLUE is an organization that was founded by a Pittsburgh native and a Detroit native to bring greater awareness to and to share ideas among 16 cities in the Great Lakes watershed areas.

I have had the opportunity to spend time with both of the founders of GLUE and in many ways GLUE is like IheartPGH for a larger geographical area.  But GLUE has done more than just blogging photos.  GLUE has built a community of people who are passionate about their cities across 16 cities.  I attended the 2nd GLUE conference in Milwaukee (the write up of my visit to Milwaukee is here) and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I left Milwaukee full of ideas, stories and with new friends who are as excited about and advocating for their cities as we are about Pittsburgh.  One of the best things we can do is share stories and learn from other cities successes and occasional failures.

On Saturday, my journey from the Pacific to PGH included a stop in St. Louis.  I had the good fortune to stop by and check out the STL Style House.  STL Style is a pro-St. Louis t-shirt and gift shop run by Jeff and Randy Vines.  They are the St. Louis equivalent of IheartPGH and then some.  Jeff and Randy were out at Lou Fest when I stopped by the shop, but we learned all about their successful Save The Saucer campaign where the rallied other residents to save a local landmark.

2011 = GLUE + PGH

GLUE comes to you!  No planes, trains or hotel rooms needed. September 15-17, 2011 Pittsburgh will host the 4th Annual GLUE conference.  The theme for this years conference is Green-Lighting Neighborhoods.

They have put together an amazing 48 hours of presentations, work shops and tours of Pittsburgh places.

Conference Details

GLUE’s 4th Annual Conference: Green-Lighting Neighborhoods
Thursday September 15 – Saturday September 17 (Click here for complete conference agenda)

  • Thursday – Tour of Pittsburgh, Keynote Addresses, Dinner and Reception
  • Friday – Workshops and Site Visits
  • Saturday – Workshops and Site Visits

Locations – The Kinglsey Center and other locations around Pittsburgh

Registrations and Conference Fees

Online Registration is here.

The costs to attend the conference is $100, a discounted rate of $60 is available for students, non-profits, low-income individuals.

The registration fee includes sessions, site visits, and some meals.

A note about the conference fee – I know that $100 and $60 is a lot to ask.  One of the most valuable parts of my experience in Milwaukee was talking with other people over meals and on the tours.  I know the organizers have worked very hard to make sure to provide that same scenario for Pittsburgh. Your registration fee includes meals and transportation and I strongly believe that is a valuable part of the experience.

If you would like to attend but cannot afford the conference fee – please email – IheartPGH wants to make sure that those who want to attend, can do so and we will try to work something out.

Is GLUE for You – Who should attend the 2011 GLUE conference?

The conference is open to anyone who wants to attend.  You do not have to be a blogger or community development professional.  Attendees come from all difference backgrounds.

Are you interested in any of the following…

  • meeting other people who are working to reviatlize their neighborhoods and cities
  • sharing stories and ideas for better communities
  • learning about best practices across the GLUE cities
  • learning more about how community development works
  • green development
  • transportation – transit, bike lanes, parking issues
  • meeting other people who <3 their city and neighborhoods
  • learning about Larimar
  • learning about development in East Liberty
  • blogging
  • meeting young leaders from Pittsburgh and other cities
  • running for office

Then the GLUE conference is for you!

Get stuck on GLUE

There are lots of ways you can get involved with GLUE – as part of the conference and beyond.

For the conference: Register to attend the conference here, Spread the word (Facebook Event for the conference is here) or Sponsor the conference.

Beyond the conference: follow GLUE on Twitter and Facebook.

Conference Poster

from the Pacific to PGH

A good friend of IheartPGH is moving back to Pittsburgh! I am along for the ride. You can follow the trip on twitter @pghorbust and Tumblr

Right now we are headed across New Mexico on our way to Elgin, Oklahoma to see another Pittsburgh friend.

Have a suggestion on where we should stop to eat? Want us to send you a post card? Leave a comment below or send an email to iheartpgh – at –

Pop-Up Pittsburgh

In a previous post about the state of used bookstores in Pittsburgh, Lindsay mentioned the emergence of a new business model, the pop-up.  Pop-up businesses occupy a retail or cultural space for a short period – a day, a week, a month – close, and then reappear at a different location for an equally temporary engagement.  Pop-up business have taken off in cities around the US (you can read a serial pop-up entrepreneur in Denver on BlogLocal’s website).  Now Pittsburgh seems to be awakening to the trend.  City officials recently announced the launch of Project Pop-Up Pittsburgh, an initiative designed to help bring small business owners and local artists into downtown, specifically into one of the many unoccupied storefronts.  You can read more about the project’s goals and guidelines on their website:  The deadline for submissions is September 13, 2011 at 5:00PM.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue supporting Pittsburgh’s current pop-up stores (and alerting us to new arrivals).  East End Book Exchange recently announced three new pop-up events:

  • Saturday, August 20th at Commonplace Coffeehouse in Squirrel Hill. 10-4pm
  • Saturday, August 27th at Assemble (5125 Penn Avenue in Garfield). 10 – 4PM.   We will be joined here by Tech-To-Go, the tech pop-up project from BirdBrains Labs.
  • Sunday, August 28th at Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District. 10-4PM.

Check their blog for more details and updates: