SXSW Panel on Local Blogging – We Need Your Vote!


SXSW (South By Southwest) is an annual music festival held each March in Austin, Texas.  In addition to music, SXSW hosts an interactive festival and a film festival.  The programming for the interactive festivals is submitted and voted on by the community.  The SXSW staff uses the community input to make the selections for panels […]

G-Tree – Help Plant More Trees in Town


Lets talk Pittsburgh trees! Trees are an important thing here in the city – they help to keep the air clean and the city cooler.  Tree Pittsburgh (which used to be called Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest) is an organization that works with the communities and neighborhoods to preserve and protect Pittsburgh’s urban forest. Tree […]

Register for the 4th Annual GLUE Conference!


First things first, we are not talking about rubber cement or Elmer’s glue – GLUE is about cities, neighborhoods and people. If you are a new reader or new to GLUE .. GLUE is short for the Great Lakes Urban Exchange.  GLUE is an organization that was founded by a Pittsburgh native and a Detroit […]

from the Pacific to PGH


A good friend of IheartPGH is moving back to Pittsburgh! I am along for the ride. You can follow the trip on twitter @pghorbust and Tumblr Right now we are headed across New Mexico on our way to Elgin, Oklahoma to see another Pittsburgh friend. Have a suggestion on where we should stop to […]

Pop-Up Pittsburgh

In a previous post about the state of used bookstores in Pittsburgh, Lindsay mentioned the emergence of a new business model, the pop-up.  Pop-up businesses occupy a retail or cultural space for a short period – a day, a week, a month – close, and then reappear at a different location for an equally temporary […]