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4th of July Weekend Fun - Quickly Solved by Zipcar

I have been a Zipcar member for a few years.  I can’t say enough about how much I like Zipcar – it a great service if you just need a car sometimes or if you need to borrow a larger car or truck for an afternoon.  Cars are easy to reserve and use, the customer service is great and very helpful.  The Zipcar I was using this weekend got a flat tire.  I don’t blame Zipcar for this – I am cursed with flat tires, car breakdown or some situation that involves a plumber on a holiday weekend.  The good news is that all I had to do was call the 800 number and they took care of the rest.  I no longer needed the car – I had reached my destination before I noticed the flat and they actually just towed the car away (they offered to change the flat for me).

How does Zipcar work?

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Once you sign up at they mail you a membership card. That car is your “key” for driving future vehicles.  When you need to borrow a car, visit and reserve the car you want to drive.  Zipcars are parked in different locations around the city and there are all different types of Zipcars from sedans to minivans.

Walk over to your reserved car and hold your membership card over the drivers side of the windshield.  This will unlock the car and they keys are located in the car.

You pay for Zipcar by the hour or by the day.  The hourly/daily rate includes gas and insurance.  Once you are done with your trip.  Park the car where you picked it up, leave the keys inside and hold your membership card over the windshield to lock the car and end your reservation.

Use Zipcar Anywhere

Once you are a Zipcar member you can drive any of the Zipcars in any state.  I have used Zipcars in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Baltimore.  Your membership is good anywhere Zipcars are located.

The Car Diet

Each summer, Zipcar invites a group of drivers to take the low-car diet.  If you are selected you agree to give up driving your car for a month in exchange for a Zipcar membership and driving credit.  It is a fun way to try navigating the city with out your own car.  I have participated in the Zipcar Low Car Diet last summer – I learned that I like walking to work and that driving isn’t the fastest way around town. Plus they planned some fun events and had some nice giveaways for the low car dieters too.

If you are interested in signing up for the low car diet – fill out this form here.

Join Zipcar

If you are already sold on the Zipcar idea – click on our handy referral button below and get $50 in driving credit.

Join Zipcar and get $50 in free driving!

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