Infographic – Why Buy Local?

One of the things I mentioned in the post about KayaFest – was supporting local businesses like the BigBurrito restaurants because they support good things in Pittsburgh.

Thank you to my friend Tara (who runs Daffodil Vintage – an online vintage shop that is based here in Pittsburgh) for sending me this infographic on buying local. ┬áLots more info on how spending your dollar locally benefits your community.

(Click to enlarge)

Why Buy Local Infographic

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Lindsay has been writing about Pittsburgh for as long as she has been blogging - but fortunately there are lots of great things about Pittsburgh to share. She likes pretzels from the Pretzel Shop on Carson St., used book stores, her rollerblades and she hopes to learn to skateboard someday soon. Lindsay is also working on BlogLocal which is building a map of blogs with local content.
  • @cassie_wallace

    great infographic, got a double word (cars cars) though and one in your bio. thanks for sharing!

    • @iheartpgh

      thanks for the heads up – the infographic was created by elocal. I appreciate the heads up on the bio too!