Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, to Speak at CMU – April 11

One of the people I met this weekend at TEDxCMU is the moderator of the Reddit Pittsburgh – who reminded me that this can be a great source for sharing and finding more information about Pittsburgh.

What is reddit? reddit is a website where people can share links and photos – others can vote those links up or down and leave comments on the links as well.  There are sub-reddits for lots of places and topics – including Pittsburgh.  The Pittsburgh reddit board is –

Are you a reddit fan? reddit user? maybe some of the Pittsburgh reddit lovers can share some of their favorite links below.

Thanks to CMU Activities Board for bringing another interesting speaker to town – we had a  great time at last month’s  talk by Christian Lander (the author of Stuff White People Like).   I am eager to learn more about reddit and

Who: Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit
Where: McConomy Auditorium
When: Monday, April 11th at 7PM, doors open at 6:40P

TechCrunch calls him \”one of the more passionate and audacious young entrepreneurs in tech.\” Hide your kids. After graduating from UVA in 2005, Ohanian started with Steve Huffman. Founded Breadpig, which creates geeky things, sells them, and gives away all the profits — $175,000 so far. Publisher of xkcd: volume 0. Bottler of AwesomeSauce. Maker of LOLMagnetz. Said WTFCNN?! one too many times. Bassist in a Rock Band. Ambassador to the East for Y Combinator. Angel investor atDas Kapital Capital, LLC. Marketing dude at hipmunk. Known to wear an Antique Jetpack. Once rendered in CGI on NMA.TV. Contributor with regular appearances on Bloomberg TV as \”hoodie-clad tech entrepreneur.\” He also loves hummus. Come here him speak next week and feel free to check out his Tedtalk. Brought to you by your Activities Board Fee.

Check out Alexis’s TED talk from 2009 – “How to make a splash in social media

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