Moraine State Park and McConnell’s Mill State Park

Moraine State Park (Photo by Andrew)

These two parks, located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, are essentially neighbors, but they are completely different experiences. McConnell's Mill is a rather quiet place, with a playground and a few trails, as well as the mill itself, of course; although the park proper is far larger than it might initially seem, most of its activity is concentrated in one tiny space. Moraine State Park, on the other hand, is a sprawling, expansive park with two distinct sections; in fact, each half (a … [Read more...]

Drinking in the Library – Friday, May 20


Yes, the Library with books - the actual Carnegie Library on Carson St. - which should not be confused with the bar named "The Library" which is also on Carson St.  just a block away.  The bar has drinks but not many books. On May 20 you will be able to drink in the actual library library - for their Deconstruction Party.  A fundraiser to benefit the library and a chance to check out the acutal library building which is over 100 years old. Late Night @ The Library: Deconstruction … [Read more...]

Prince Gallitzin State Park

Lake at Prince Gallitzin (Photo by Andrew)

Prince Gallitzin State Park, located in Cambria County, is not the easiest state park to access, which lends it a remote charm. That said, when I visited last summer, the campground was rather crowded (though not overwhelmingly so), all of the best parking spots in the fishing areas were taken, and the lake was populated with a healthy number of boaters, so it's no ghost town during the peak season. Returning to the park more recently, in the off-season, the situation was rather different; … [Read more...]

Presque Isle State Park

Beach at Presque Isle (Photo by Andrew)

Ok, Erie is hardly the most obscure selection for a day or weekend trip from Pittsburgh, but it deserves a mention here, if only as a reminder, because Presque Isle State Park is simply one of Pennsylvania's most enjoyable state parks and one of the best ways to spend a Saturday off. One of the factors that paradoxically makes Presque Isle so magnetic is its proximity to the industrialized downtown Erie; driving to Presque Isle necessitates navigating a series of unattractive highways and … [Read more...]

Today is the Last Day to Register to Vote in the May Primary Election


If you really love Pittsburgh - you will vote.  The May 2011 Primay Election is May 17.   Today - APRIL 18 is the last day to register to vote before the May election. You can use the super easy registration tool from Rock the Vote here.  Fill out the form, print it out, sign your name and put this in the mail before the end of today. Follow this link -  Register to Vote Here or click the logo below to get started. … [Read more...]