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“The waffles are that good” was a line from the email sent to me by my friend Lesley – she stopped into Waffalonia for a quick dinner and was delighted with the entire experience.  I suggested she write a little review of Waffalonia – here is her rave review of the place.

Waffalonia is located on Murray avenue near Forbes in Sq. Hill – this is the space where Dozen cupcakes used to be located.

You may not have noticed, but Squirrel Hill is home to another delicious new eatery.  Tucked in between Coldstone Creamery and Razzy Fresh, you could easily miss Wafflonia, the recently opened Belgian waffle shop on Murray Avenue.  I strongly caution against this.  I lived in Belgium for two years.  Over there waffles are street food, made fresh, served in wax paper, and eaten while strolling around town.  They are considered more for snacks or dessert than breakfast.  Folks, Wafflonia is the real deal: delicious, cheap, and easy-going.  I visited Wafflonia recently at the end of a long work day.  The waffles are crunchy on the outside, warm and sugary on the inside.  I quickly devoured mine, then licked my fingers clean. My spirits brightened instantly.  With its understated décor and warm lighting, Wafflonia is the perfect place to duck into on a chilly late winter evening.  When the weather warms up, we will simply adapt by ordering the waffle-ice cream combo.  Or maybe the waffle with nutella and bananas. Wafflonia deserves to be a huge success.  Go there.  Go there now.

Check out Lesley’s photo blog Plum for the Road with lots of Pittsburgh photos.

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  • Thanks for the link love!__xo__Mindy

    • iheartpghcom

      thanks for posting the recipe!

  • The waffles from Waffalonia are good…but they're kind of a mix of authentic Liege waffles and "normal" waffles. If you've ever had waffles at Point Brugge Cafe in Point Breeze, you'll know what I mean.

  • Chris

    I agree with Lindsay. The Belgium waffles at Waffalonia(in Squirrel Hill) are delicious and extremely authentic. The crispy surface and warm, sugary center are to die for.

    Not only are the waffles amazing, but also the service and decor.

    The place may be small, but very cozy and quaint. The focus should not be on the size of the establishment, but on the quality of the product being served.

    In my opinion, the owner has truly perfected the taste of the original

    Belgium waffle. Keep up the good work and continue making the tastiest waffles, this side of the Atlantic.