Find the Myster Man – Win Super Bowl Tickets – Starts TODAY!

Before we get to today’s clues – in case you missed our post earlier this week – is holding a contest here in Pittsburgh.  They have a mystery man walking the streets.  Follow the clues – which will be posted here on IheartPGH (and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more hints) – find the mystery man, ask him the secret question and you win 2 Superbowl tickets.  All of the details are available here.

If you are posting about this on your blog or twitter please use the hashtag #sbhuntpgh – so we can follow along.  If you want to see all tweets with this hashtag –

Friday’s Clues

  • 11am – The Mystery Man will be checking out the T

  • 2pm – The Mystery Man will be exploring Pittsburgh’s Cultural District

  • 4pm – The Mystery Man will be checking out Heinz Field

The other Pittsburgh blogs that have the same clues are – PSAMP (which is short for Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies – one of our favorite blogs because, yes, they also post photos of mini ponies), Behind the Steel Curtain and SteelersGAB.  We all have the same clues but you should check out their blog posts and twitter feeds too.

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