Best Pittsburgh Breakfast?

Breakfast at Pamela's
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Oh holiday time… so many people to see, so little time.  Lots of old friends coming back to Pittsburgh with new friends (and  future spouses) who are getting their first glimpse of future Pittsburgh holidays to come.  I just got an email asking for breakfast place suggestions.  Where would you take a friend on their first Pittsburgh visit for breakfast?

My suggestions were:

What would you suggest for a Pittsburgh breakfast?

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  • bellevue diner

  • Jeff

    DeLuca's is a can't miss.

  • We went to brunch on Sunday at Piper's Pub in the South Side and it was DELICIOUS. I recommend the Irish Boxty.

  • Tricia

    Two of your suggestions would have been on my list.


    I'd also recommend Eat 'n Park to any expat. We've lived other places, and while it's definitely not the best food in the city, EnP is one of the places I really miss when we live somewhere else….

  • DaveM


  • Sam


    point Brugge


    affogato pancake bar

  • Vanessa

    Isaly's in West View!

  • Dar

    eggs n'at, moon twp!

  • Josh

    Lidia's, even though it's a bit expensive. Also, Double-Wide has a fantastic brunch.

  • How can you miss Delucas??? haha

  • cat

    J'eet (crepes, yum!)

    Quiet Storm (tasty, generous, & vegetarian)

    Barb's Corner Kitchen (awesome l'ville greasy spoon)

    Casbah ($22 prix fixe – app, entree, cocktail)

    • Lindsay

      Thanks Cat! Glad you mentioned Barb's Country Kitchen – a friend just asked about that place but I haven't been there in forever.

  • MaryAnn

    I second the Pipers Pub, however the breakfast items are only available on Sunday's, but its worth the wait! The Irish Boxty and Belgin French Toast are AMAZING!

  • Carolyn

    Crepes Parisiennes in Shadyside.

    • Lindsay

      LOVE, love, love Crepes Parisiennes – had breakfast their on Christmas eve. That should have been on my list too.

  • Michele

    I am shocked and horrified that no one mentioned The Dor-Step yet!

  • Loren

    My top three would include Coca Cafe, DeLuca's, and Zenith for their Sunday brunch.

  • Square Cafe

    1889 Cafe

    Eggs n'at



  • juice

    Gary's Restaurant in Carrick, small place, big portions, great prices, great taste. I also agree with kdiddy, Pipers Pub is an excellent breakfast choice.

  • Can't beat Lincoln / Pamela's cakes
    #2 Jo jos
    #3 Cole's cafe

    • Lindsay

      Where is Cole's Cafe? I have never heard of it.