You Look Good In That

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This story really begins at 3 PM, Saturday afternoon, December 4th. After spending the morning quite diligently working on school related items, I put on my spandex running pants, fleece, and mittens, and geared up for a run. There is nothing like a winter run; there is always the chance that snow will fall. I love the way you feel energized and toasty.

Now, I live in Lawrenceville, and so if I’m not willing to drive to a park and run—and really, in my heart of hearts I’m more of a step outside your door and run kind of lady—I run by many, many establishments along Butler Street[1]. This was the case today. I was listening to a little Edward Sharpe intermixed with Far East Movement (you know, the electronic pop quartet—Like a G6—I’m a dork but I get a free pass because any music is permissible when you are running) when I realized: there are a lot of people out today. These stores are lit up with festive white lights. There are gingerbread men everywhere[2]. WHOA! This weekend is Lawrenceville’s Cookie Tour! For the uninitiated, this is how this scenario works: most of the boutiques along Butler Street bake cookies, you enter the store to peruse their goods, take a cookie, warm up, and perhaps make a few holiday purchases. Oh, it’s lovely, and there is nothing I want more after a 5 mile run than a cookie.

Thus, I ran home, showered in record time, geared up, and set out. I was somewhat daunted by the idea of walking in the freezing cold from around 50th street to 35th—but I’ll do quite a lot for a cookie. And, let me tell you: this experience was nothing short of AMAZING. If you haven’t yet experienced this cookie tour, you must go. You must. Nothing is more festive, nothing, nothing. [Read more…]

Best Pittsburgh Breakfast?

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Oh holiday time… so many people to see, so little time.  Lots of old friends coming back to Pittsburgh with new friends (and  future spouses) who are getting their first glimpse of future Pittsburgh holidays to come.  I just got an email asking for breakfast place suggestions.  Where would you take a friend on their first Pittsburgh visit for breakfast?

My suggestions were:

What would you suggest for a Pittsburgh breakfast?

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In Case You Missed It… NPR Story about Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh was featured on NPR last week – From Steel To Tech, Pittsburgh Transforms Itself : NPR.

The story talks about Pittsburgh transformation from steel making to technology and includes an interview with Pittsburgh startup NoWait – which I have heard really good things about – definitely worth a look.

Looks like there is that there is room in the restaurant market to compete with OpenTable.  Do you use OpenTable for reservations? I rarely make reservations – and one of the great things about Pittsburgh is that you rarely need reservations – so I am not sure how popular online reservation services are.

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Unbridled Yoga Enthusiasm

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Two winters ago, I became a hot yoga enthusiast. My introduction to hot yoga began as follows:

One sunny but brisk afternoon, I was all geared up in my spandex leggings[1], Under Armor, mittens, and ear warmers. My Ipod was freshly charged. I was itching for a good winter run. Well, I walked outside my door, ran across the street and inexplicably tripped over the curb and sprained my ankle. This was kind of embarrassing, as a) I was literally ten feet from my front door, and b) about 4 people asked me if I was okay as I limped back to my apartment. I was mostly mad because ankle sprains mean you are out of the running game for some amount of time.[2]

So, this is how I found myself taking advantage of a hot yoga class; I had to do something while my pathetic, purple ankle healed. Immediately, I was hooked. [Read more…]

Bringing Bicycles to the Big Screen

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On Monday, December 20 – you can catch the Pittsburgh premier of Life Cycles – a feature length documentary about bicycles.  I will admit that I am not an avid cyclist – but I am in full support of bicycling in Pittsburgh.  While I have become a pro at pedaling a bike to nowhere (thanks to spinning class) I haven’t gotten the nerve to ride in traffic. Thankfully Pittsburgh has an amazing bicycle community (thank you Bike Pittsburgh!) – last night I was driving a friend home (thanks Zipcar) – she has been biking more and more and was telling me how she was a non-cyclist until she hesitantly checked out one of the group rides during Bikefest last summer.

Also, even if you aren’t ready to become a super cyclist – the bicycle community has been an amazing this for Pittsburgh – one of the many reasons that Pittsburgh continues to receive praise for being such a great place to live. [Read more…]