Signed Sidney Jersey Raffle, Yinz Love Da Steelers and a Pierogi T-shirt

Sidney Crosby

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Just wanted to spread the word about this raffle for a signed Sidney Crosby Jersey – the raffle benefits Ray Caruso who was recently injured in an accident but thankfully is on his way to recovery.

Win an Autographed Sidney Crosby Jersey
Only 1000 raffle tickets will be sold
$5 per ticket
The winning number will be chosen on October 31st based on  PA Daily Lottery 3 digit number drawn at 7 pm
Ticket are available at Wildcard – located at 4209 Butler St. in Lawrenceville

All proceeds will benefit Ray Caruso, and be used for payment of medical bills and for the support of Ray and Brandon (his 7 year old son) while he is unable to work. In a freak accident, Ray fell backwards and suffered a severe head injury. He’s without medical insurance and has been hospitalized since late August.

Thankfully we have some amazing health care resources in this country and especially here in the United States.  I spent yesterday with a friend at Shadyside hospital whose husband had to have a second round of surgery this week – he is doing fine. As I walked through the hospital on Tuesday and again yesterday I kept thinking how amazing it is that we have the ability to diagnose and care for people when they need it.  Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out to offer this amazing health care in a way that everyone can afford it.  I am hopeful that we can continue as a community to work on a solution to health care costs so that everyone can get the best care with out going bankrupt – until we figure out how to do that – we are going to have to help others out.  I am happy to spread the word about this raffle – just one small way we can help another family who is facing the costs of health care right now.

What does this have to do with pierogies?
Ray is the brother of Nick Caruso who is the Pittsburgh half of the t-shirt team Campfire Goods – creators of some great Pittsburgh t-shirts.  Nick moved back to Pittsburgh a few years ago and is a super supporter of the city.  In addition to Campfire Goods, Nick works as a graphic designer – you can check out some of his work here.  I met Nick last year – as a friend of a friend – and I have really enjoyed getting to know him and learning about his design projects too.

Campfire t-shirts are available at Wildcard or online at – all of their t-shirts are hand screen printed with love by Nick and the rest of the Campfire crew.

Love this Mazeroski T-shirt with the score board and this great Pittsburgh pierogi t-shirt too – “I got my pierogies from a chuch in Pittsburgh” which is really the best place to get pierogies.  In fact – Ginny (the blogger formally known as PittGirl) has a whole post about this shirt on That’sChurch because this shirt was worn on a recent episode of Yinz Love ‘Da Steeler.

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