The Shadow Lounge Turns 10! Taking the Celebration to the Streets!

shadow-lounge-10-yearsOne of the places where you can always find something happening in Pittsburgh is the Shadow Lounge.  Located at the corner of Baum Blvd and Highland Ave in East Liberty – what started as a little coffee house has done big things for East Liberty and Pittsburgh. Before Whole Foods, before the yoga studio, before Pizza Sola, before Paris 66 – the Shadow Lounge opened its doors as a place where people can come to meet, listen to live music – from local musicians to national acts and dance to some amazing djs.

Ten years later – the Shadow Lounge has grown from a 1 room establishment to 3 different venues – Shadow Lounge, Blue Room and now Ava on Highland Ave.  The Shadow Lounge is one of those place that always ends up on our list of places to visit in Pittsburgh (we of course included it on our Pittsburgh list for American Airlines Magazine last summer).

To celebrate this big birthday – The Shadow Lounge has planned a big, bad block party with something for everyone.  2 days of bands, performers, djs and more from Pittsburgh and beyond.  Also – Saturday night is Title Town – Pittsburgh’s monthly soul music night.

Tickets are available here. Facebook event here.

Check out this line up…

Friday June 25
Saturday June 26

  • 4p-6p DJ Soy Sos
  • 6p-6:05p Welcome by Vanessa German
  • 6:05p-6:30p Peace Ike
  • 6:35p-6:55p Shelby Star
  • 7:00-7:45p Mother Sun
  • 7:50p-8:20p BNVs
  • 8:25p-8:45p Phat Man Dee
  • 8:50p-9:05p Kellee Maize
  • 9:25p-9:55p Formula412
  • 10p-10:45p Mifune

Shadow Lounge

  • 11:10p-11:40p Margot B
  • 11:45p-12:00a Jack Wilson
  • 12:05a-12:35a Dream Job
  • 12:40p-1:10a Nik Westman & the Central Plains
  • 1:15p-2a Erik Rico


  • 8p-9:30p Hank D
  • 10p-12a Dan Dabber
  • 12a-2a Selecta
Outside – 2P-6P


  • 2p-2:20p Music
  • 2:20p-2:50p Music
  • 2:55p-3:20p Cowboy Relics
  • 3:25p-3:45p Hip-Hop on LOCK
  • 4:10p-4:40p Joy Ike
  • 4:45p-5:15p Guaracha
  • 5:20p-5:50p HutchSimon Project
  • 5:55p-6:25p INTERVAL Trio
  • 6:30p-7p Billy Pilgrim
  • 7:05p-7:35p Hood Gang
  • 7:40p-8:10p OLD E Allstars
  • 8:15p-8:45p Sonji
  • 8:50p-9:20p RXC
  • 9:25p-9:55p Omega Love
  • 10p-10:30p Eviction Notice

Shadow Lounge

  • 9p Title Town


  • 8p-9p DJ Aaesir St. James
  • 9p-10p DJ Phinesse
  • 10p-2a GLobal Beats w/guest DJ set from Erik Rico
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