Radio Round Up – February 26, 2010

Students having a snowball fight

Image by Oregon State University Archives via Flickr

Most Friday’s at 6:45am we get to give a little update on things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend on the WDVE morning show. Here is a run down of what we talked about this week…

Snowball Fight

  • Saturday, February 27 – Noon, Flagstaff Hill
  • Brought to you by the folks who organized Santarchy
  • Wear a silly hat

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What Do Phipps Conservatory and Troy Polamalu Have In Common?


Image by santoshnc via Flickr

If  you guessed orchids you are correct.   This is the last week for the orchid show at Phipps Conservatory in Oakland.  You can stop by Phipps Conservatory to check out the orchids and learn more about one of Troy Polamalu‘s hobbies.  While you are there you can enter to win a football signed by Troy Polamalu too. [Read more…]

Sunday, February 28 – Human Curling Tournament

Fun With Office Chairs

Image by Wadzy via Flickr

If curling on ice isn’t your thing, then join the folks from Obscure Games for an indoor curling tournament that will be using humans and office chairs.

Human Curling Tournament
Sunday, February 28, 2010 – 10:30am-1:30pm
West Penn Recreation Center, 470 30th Street, Polish Hill

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Links Worth a Look – February 24th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look:

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Prime Stage Theater Brings Tuesday's With Morrie to The New Hazlett Theater

It was a sold-out crowd to see Dave Eggers at ...
Image by naturalkinds via Flickr

The New Hazlett TheaterThe New Hazlett Theater is located on the North Side next to the Children’s Museum used to be home to the Pittsburgh Public Theater.  I remember some field trips to the Public Theater when it was located on the North Side – I am pretty sure we went to see “I Do! I Do!” and “Dancing at Lughnasa”.   I  reviewed the Public Theaters Production history to double check this and I have no idea why someone would take a class of middle school kids to see a play about marriage. What theater field trips do  you remember – leave a comment below. [Read more…]