Behind Our Scenes:"Backstage" Artists at SPACE

Often times museum employees “are artists who dedicate their days promoting the artwork of others and their nights & weekends creating artwork of their own.” Curators Laura Mustio and Nicole Rosato celebrate this fact with a new show, Behind Our Scenes, opening Friday night from 6-9PM at SPACE (812 Liberty Ave. in Downtown). Rosato herself is the Visitor Services and Volunteer Coordinator at The Mattress Factory, and the artists are all employees of some of the most well-known Pittsburgh cultural institutions: The Carnegie Museum of Art, Oakland; The Mattress Factory, North Side; The Andy Warhol Museum, North Side; Fe Gallery, Lawrenceville; Future Tenant, Downtown; Wood Street Galleries, Downtown. The show runs through February 13, 2010. Read a guest post by curator Nicole Rosato over at The Mattress Factory’s blog!

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