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So what are Pittsburghers really searching for online? Over the past year, I have been following the idea of search a little more closely. I know that lots of people come to IheartPGH looking for more info about Big Jim’s In the Run – I was a little confused by how this could be so popular because the post about Big Jim’s is from 2006. Fortunately, I was sharing this story with someone who watches the Food Network and apparently there was an episode of Diners, Drive-in and Dive’s where they visited Big Jim. Check out the great photos of dinner at Big Jim’s from awesome Pittsburgh food bloggers Joe and Betsy.

I have also been upgrading the search here at IheartPGH – thanks to a nifty tool called Lijit – you can now get more info from the searches and I can learn more about what the searches are about (and the folks at Lijit are super nice too – they even fixed some formatting errors on my site).

But today’s post on HyperLocal Blogger (a great blog about local blogs) points out the Google Zeitgeist page and the top searches by city. Here are the top searches for Pittsburgh from the past year:

Google Inc.
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Pittsburgh, PA

  1. carnegie library oakland
  2. hofbrauhaus
  3. rivers casino
  4. cmu directory
  5. ccac blackboard
  6. kdka news pittsburgh
  7. cmu blackboard
  8. cmu hub
  9. parkvale online banking
  10. port authority pittsburgh
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