Post-Gazette Article on the Upcoming Why Pittsburgh Party

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I wrote about the Why Pittsburgh Party on Friday and I wanted to post a follow up because I was worried that the info would get lost in the weekend emails.  The Post-Gazette beat me to it with a great article about the upcoming Why Pittsburgh Party on September 17, 2009 (click here for the party details).

Here are some highlights from the article:

Carrie Hagan, a graduate student in history and policy at Carnegie Mellon University, met Ms. Wilson through the League of Young Voters and joined the party committee “and the next thing I know I am throwing the party,” said Ms. Hagan. “I couldn’t stand the idea of not being part of something like this.”

The Detroit party was “a qualified success,” said Ms. Szurpicki. “We had around 100 people and collected over 80 good photos” of participants holding a white board with the phrase “I Will Stay If …” completed.

“The photos show that people want better regional cooperation, public transit, bike lanes, curbside recycling, things like that. And what has come out of this is people saying ‘I am staying to be a part of something,’ ‘I am staying because I want to help build that curbside recycling program.’

“I fell in love with this city the moment I crossed the bridge and have not looked back since,” she said. “I’ve been a lot of places and this is the kind of place I want to live.

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