I knew this day was coming but I didn't know it would bother me so much. I had a professional meeting today and it was uncharacteristically positive and productive.   I was discussing the future and vision of my subject and it was . . . how else to explain it?? Amazing.  Finally, someone else seems to see the big picture and acknowledge my ideas as valid and useful and in the best interests of students.  The idea that I could be a part of the solution and not the problem and discussing the … [Read more...]

Hit the road, n'at


Wanting to wake up in wine country ready to get to some serious tasting, me and the almost-husband (AH) decided to head down to the Laurel Highlands after work on Friday.  With our reservation confirmed at the gloriously historic Summit Inn Resort and armed with the news that the dining room closed at 9pm, we planned to hit the road by 7.  This gave me enough time to properly pack.  For a weekend devoted to wine tasting I reasoned I really only needed five things: sundresses, sunglasses, sunhat, … [Read more...]

Get out of town!

As with many Pittsburghers, I fled the city for the weekend in the hopes that when I returned I would  find the city free of riot police and jersey barriers and navel-gazing news coverage.  I may not have much trouble crossing a river to get to another neighborhood but I do rarely make it beyond the City Limits.  I need to be reminded of the rich amenities and recreation just beyond.  So how about a trip through wine country?  And no, I did not fly to Napa or visit the Finger Lakes region.  This … [Read more...]

Which Hoops and How High????

July, 2009 - About 4 months ago, my husband asked me to update his resume and cover letter.  After being assured that he was not being laid off (ALLEGEDLY!) I agreed.   NOTE: Remember in The Full Monty when Tom Wilkinson was laid off but he kept getting dressed and leaving for work as if nothing happened so he would not disappoint his wife?  It could happen . . . you never know. Anyhoo, I said, “Sure, I’d be happy to do that.”  After all, it was just the busiest time of year at my job AND 15 … [Read more...]



SUNDAY OCT 4TH, 2009 - SUNDAE MARKET Sundae market is a flea market on the Schenley Plaza lawn that showcases local artists, young designers, and people who just cleaned out their garage. So forget Craigslist, and stop bidding on eBay, come to Schenley Plaza and have some human interaction with sellers, or customers. Spaces are FREE if you bring your own tables, or tables are available for rent. visit the website for more info: Everything kicks off at 12pm and goes to … [Read more...]