Support a Pittsburgh Filmmaker, Madagascar and check out Kickstarter

I am really excited to learn about this project that Pittsburgh filmmaker Ben Hernstrom is working on about Madagascar.  Ben has worked on some great films about Pittsburgh.  You can learn more at and check out some of his other work on youtube.  Check out the interview with Bike PGH’s Scott Bricker and his feature on Modey Lemon.

Ben has just set up a page for a film about Madagascar on this great site Kickstarter – I had hoped that someone would create a site like Kickstarter and I think it is agreat way to build community support for projects.  I did a search for Pittsburgh on Kickstarter and couldn’t find any projects yet – so please let me know if you add a Pittsburgh project to thier site.  I had fun browsing the site and found some interesting projects to support.  I think that Kickstarter works like the website ThePoint – if the project doesn’t meet the fundraising goal then the supporters cards aren’t charged for the donation.  It is a nice way to give money to projects that have a broad base of support.

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  • Kickstarter is gaining momentum and I think it has a lot to do with the simplicity of the experience from both sides; people looking to pledge even a small amount of money as well as the creatives promoting their projects.

    I just posted my first digital arts project called "Organic Industry" and I am excited to watch it spark to life over the next couple of months.

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