Yart Sale – Buy Art/Supplies/Baked Goods, Support Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Buy some art, support Pittsburgh Center for the Arts – this sounds like it will be a great Art Yard Sale! Make a day of it and enjoy Bach Beethoven and Brunch at Mellon park from 10:30-Noon.

Join us in the PCA parking lot. Admission and parking are free for this lively, artistic spin on the traditional yard sale.

Featuring over 30 individual artists and several PF/PCA departments bringing affordable original works, prints, decorative arts, art books, art supplies, equipment for art making, and some collectibles.

Things are tight this year, so we thought we could make a little lemonade…We came up with the idea while trimming our budget, and cleaning out storage spaces.

Our department of School and Community Programs will be holding a bake sale, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting that department, and teaching artists specifically.

Ceramics-access Artist Members are producing ceramics to be donated to PCA, and sold to help pay for kiln repairs.

Sunday, July 5 – 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
6300 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh 15232 / 412-361-0873

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Monday night
Image by juliekaffe via Flickr

AIR = Artist Image Resource – a super awesome resource for anyone interested in printmaking. I taught myself to screenprint in a dark Pittsburgh basement because no one had told me about AIR. This place is a great place to learn about printmaking and screenprinting.

AIR is an artist-run organization that integrates the production of fine art printwork with innovative educational programs that explore the creative process. AIR provides print and imaging services to professional artists and educators. Our goal is to maintain an active and vital imaging laboratory that supports artists and facilitates creative activity.

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Support a Pittsburgh Filmmaker, Madagascar and check out Kickstarter

I am really excited to learn about this project that Pittsburgh filmmaker Ben Hernstrom is working on about Madagascar.  Ben has worked on some great films about Pittsburgh.  You can learn more at Ambulantic.com and check out some of his other work on youtube.  Check out the interview with Bike PGH’s Scott Bricker and his feature on Modey Lemon.

Ben has just set up a page for a film about Madagascar on this great site Kickstarter – I had hoped that someone would create a site like Kickstarter and I think it is agreat way to build community support for projects.  I did a search for Pittsburgh on Kickstarter and couldn’t find any projects yet – so please let me know if you add a Pittsburgh project to thier site.  I had fun browsing the site and found some interesting projects to support.  I think that Kickstarter works like the website ThePoint – if the project doesn’t meet the fundraising goal then the supporters cards aren’t charged for the donation.  It is a nice way to give money to projects that have a broad base of support.

Celebrating the Stanley Cup on the South Side

Stanly Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame
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One of the things that I have had the hardest time trying to explain to non-sports fans is what it is like to watch sports in Pittsburgh.  Even if you aren’t a sports fan – the sense of community that forms around watching football and hockey playoffs is unique.  Pittsburgh based filmmaker Chris Ivey had his camera out to capture the Penguins Stanley Cup win – the first 45 seconds does a great job of showing what it is like to watch the game with a bar full of fans.  Chris has put together some great footage of the post win celebrations too.  Check out Chris Ivey’s documentary on East LibertyEast of Liberty.