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You may have noticed – well I hope you noticed – that we have been playing around with some advertisements over there in the sidebar.  We have been hoping to start on some upgrades to IheartPGH in the near future.  Last year the IheartPGH community was super helpful when we needed to move to a new webhost – thanks to some great volunteers we moved the website to MediaTemple and haven’t had a problem with webhosting since.

We have already been working with the good folks at WeFixWP about doing some upgrades to the backend and hopefully the look of the website.  We have been testing out the ads to see if we can generate a little bit of money to pay for some of the hosting upgrade costs.  We feel very strongly that we don’t want ads to take over the website and have tried to keep them to the sidebar and the footer.  We know that header ads earn more money but we just don’t want to put ads all over the website – especially the header.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns and complaints (be nice) about the ads on the site by leaving a comment or sending an email to info at iheartpgh@gmail.com.

Advertise on IheartPGH

One of the ways you can support IheartPGH is by running an ad on our site.  We have just added the adbox on the sidebar through a service called ProjectWonderful – which allows users to bid on the ad space.  We are starting the bidding at $0.10/day.  It is pretty easy to post your ad on the side bar – just click the link above the ad box and follow the instructions.

Other ways you can Support IheartPGH…

  • Check out the IheartPGH Spreadshirt shop.  We are always looking for new t-shirt ideas for the shop!  Have an idea for a shirt – please let us know.
  • Need Serious Website Hosting? – click this link to set up a website at Media Temple – if you set up a website through our link we will get a credit towards our hosting costs.  If you want to set up a smaller website and need some hosting suggestions please let me know.

Some more reading on website hosting…

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