Bakery Love – what is your favorite bakery?

I had cupcakes on my mind yesterday morning, I was looking for some snacks to take to a meeting, I was thinking about how much I liked the Waldorf bakery that used to be on Murray ave in Sq. Hill (it is now a Panera). I ended up making a stop at Prantl’s bakery on Walnut St. In shady side. Prantl’s is well known for their burnt almond torte. I also think that they have quite an amazing selection of treats. I just thought these easter cookies were so pretty – they were kind enough to let me snap a picture before they put them into the bakery case. What is your favorite bakery in Pittsburgh?

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  • love love love Prantl's! Really, the almond torte is just too delicious. really.
    I have to give some love to the Lincoln Bakery in Bellevue too 🙂

  • The Ford City Bakery is really good.

  • Terra

    I heart Oakmont Bakery. They did my wedding cake and it was lovely. I'll get to taste it again in T-minus 72 days.

  • Stephan

    There's only one bakery in Pittsburgh, as far as I'm concerned. Jean Marc Chatelier's French Bakery in Millvale ( My goodness the things that man does with butter… His Breton shortbread doesn't look like anything special, but is simply amazing. Get there early, the good stuff usually doesn't last long.

  • Lindsay

    These are great suggestions. I have got to check out the Ford City Bakery @Dave – nice website/blog. Do you ever blog about cake?

  • Lincoln Bakery in Bellevue. It's amazing.

  • Prantl's is easily THE best bakery in Pittsburgh proper. Love my current job, but I miss working in Shadyside and getting my brekkie there daily.

    Although I also heartily second the French Bakery in Millvale. My SIL always gets her children's birthday cakes from there and they are heavenly!

  • When it comes to bakeries, I immediatly think of cupcakes and Coco's in Shadyside. Honestly, I could probably eat at least 6 right now. YUM!

  • For sweets, Vanilla Pastry in East Liberty has the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. For bread, Allegro Hearth in Squirrel Hill. Overall, Oakmont Bakery is the best old-school style bakery. Prantl's is fine, but the folks who work there are pretty cranky (but I still love their donuts!).

  • Amy

    I have to third the recommendation for Jean Marc Cheatellier's in Millvale – amazing stuff – I can't count the number of people I've served the croissants to who say they are the best croissants they've had outside of France.

  • Thanks Lindsay! What can I say, I like cake. a lot. I try to keep the blog pure dork though. Oakmont is also wonderful, and I totally agree with Amie regarding Jean-Marc: the Breton cake is fantastic and once you've had one of his croissants you'll never bother buying one from Giant Eagle again. Breakfast at the Lincoln Pharmacy Pamela's followed by a trip to his bakery is one of my most favourite Saturday morning experiences.

  • Amanda

    Dozen in Laweranceville is really good

  • drue

    Vanilla Pastry has fantastic cupcakes, blondies and lollies.

    Oakmont Bakery is my favorite all-around bakery (they have really good bagels, sweet rolls, cakes and excellent cookie trays).

    Potomac Bakery in Dormont has good cookies and pastries.

  • erin

    Vanilla Pastry in East Liberty has the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. The icing is light, not too sweet, and full of flavor.

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  • Has to be Moio's in Monroeville.
    Pasticciotti (lemon custard-filled cupcake), Sfogliatelle (extra crunchy flaky ricotta filled). Friendly staff – don't need to know to pronounce those the Italian names, pointing works fine. Then there's the chocolate torte cake. Not cheap (or low-cal) but worth it.

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  • Debbie

    Party Cake in Mt. Lebo/Brookline is very good. And Oakmont is my all-time favorite. Wish it was closer. Then again, my butt would get even bigger!

  • I've got to throw a shout-out to the cute new kosher bakery over in Squirrel Hill – Sweet Tammy's. I've only had a snickerdoodle there but for atmosphere and decoration, it's a winner. I'm looking forward to trying more of their treats.

  • Beth

    I LOVE Yum Bakery cupcakes! They are a delivery only bake service which makes it almost waaaaay too convenient. They catererd cupcakes for my friend's baby shower, and were such a hit that women who I normally see only eat three pieces of lettuce with water were scarfing down two and three cupcakes. Delicious! The chocolate snowball (chocolate with coconut) are my favorite.

  • Lindsay

    @Beth – I have never heard of YUM! Where can we learn more? Do they have a website? That is great that they deliver.