100 Darth Vader's at the Warhol

The Vader ProjectImage by Official Star Wars Blog via Flickr

The Vader Project opens this weekend and The Warhol

100 works by contemporary international artists utilizing 1:1 scale authentic prop replicas of the Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films.

From Vinyl Pulse (a blog about designer toys)

The exhibit officially opens this Saturday, February 28th (12-4) with a make-your-own-vader mask event. Come out dressed up as your favorite character.The Vader Project opens at the Warhol this weekend.

From I like the Warhol museum for alot of reasons – I am not really sure if Andy Warhol would like the Warhol museum but that is anothr conversation.  If it weren’t for the warhol museum this blog wouldn’t exist.  After a trip to the Warhol on a rainy sunday afternoon – I decided to teach myself to screen print.  The first t-shirt I printed was an IheartPGH t-shirt.  A few year later, I had forgotten about t-shirts and was working on campaigns when we started the IheartPGH blog and brought back the t-shirt idea.  The t-shirts and the blog have been a good thing.  It was an IheartPGH reader that left a comment about Spreadshirt and I was happy to find a great source for IheartPGH T-shirts and now I work for Spreadshirt and when I am not writing about Pittsburgh, I am writing about t-shirts here.  I had no idea when I dragged friend of IheartPGH to the Warhol musuem back in 2003 that it would be so influential. [Read more…]

Links Worth a Look – February 24th

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Winner of the Groundhog Celebration Story Contest

Congratulations to the winner of the Groundhog schwag. The winner will receive a commemorative plate celebrating 5 years of Groundhog and Shadow viral videos. (Check out this year’s series Groundhog Dreams). Douglas Derda’s story about his family’s annual celebration on Feb 2nd was entertaining and enlightening.

Douglas said, “In years past I have always had a fresh batch of groundhog cookies sent to me from my mother in law who lives by Punxy. This year proudly on display was my Punxy Phil license plate, 3 stuffed groundhog figures in outfits, a few magnets and a groundhog sweatshirt with pin while I watched the live coverage from the knob. I also flipped my Official Groundhog coin to predict if he would see his shadow. When Straub produces it I try to get at least a 6pack of Groundhog Ale to drink. This year with our first kid on the way I’ll be looking for a Phil outfit at the Groundhog Festival that my wife and I go to every year. It’s tough to celebrate during the week so wait till 2013 when it’s on a Saturday and TeaSpoon will be 4 :)  It’s a holiday in our house.”

For anyone who has had the pleasure of tasting groundhog cookies, may we say together… YUM!

We are happy to help add to Doug’s collection of groundhog schwag. And for those of you who missed the event entirely, you can watch the video of the event here or follow PAadventure’s live tweets from the event on Twitter! Congrats again and thanks to everyone who participated!

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