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I have tried to stop blogging about this Super Bowl fun but each time I come back to my computer I find more that I think is worth sharing. I apologize if you are an IheartPGH reader and not a Steelers fan, I am assuming most of you love the Steelers, but if football isn’t your thing just hang in there for a few more days.

The DVE Morning Show is has been posting updates from Tampa on Twitter –

From Out of the ‘Burgh, In the Pitts this Pittsburgher in Texas writes about an Arn-Free Super Bowl – they¬† can’t find any Iron City Beer in in Texas – they were even willing to pay $60 to have it shipped to Texas but aparently you can’t ship beer to Texas. Any Texans have some extra Iron City to share.

Even NullSpace has an Obligatory Steelers Post with some interesting Steelers info – including a link to the story behind the steel logo on the Steeler’s helmets.

YNZnNYC is so excited for Sunday he can’t sit still.

The Ligonier Valley Library is decked out in Black and Gold.

The New York Times Freakonomics Blog gives 10 reasons to Like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steel Curtain Rising has posted a meeting spot for Steelers Fans in Beunos Aires to watch the game.

In case you missed it, PittGirl is back blogging about the Steelers on Have A Good Sandwhich. The Trib PM has an article about the return of PittGirl (MattH and I are both quoted in the Trib article).

Steelers Cats – Cute with Chris is a weekly podcast about cute things – cats puppys and other cuteness – please note that some of this is cute but peppered with adult humor – Cute with Chris is not cute for kids. He shared these steeler cats pictures this week. (ps – Chris you have great t-shirts and should set up a Spreadshirt shop!)

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