Speaking of Pamela’s, Obama picks Pamela’s Diner and the Steelers

Photo Credit Dunand/AFP/GETTY via Rolling Stone

I was just sitting here talking with a friend who had just returned from Pamela’s for lunch about how the banana chocolate chip pancakes are amazing.  Then during the end of the White House Daily Briefing which was running on CNN one of the reporters asked White House Press secretary who President Obama will support in the super bowl.  Robert Gibbs replied that the best breakfast they had on the campaign was at a place in Pittsburgh that they visited with Dan Rooney.  You can’t here Gibbs say Pamela’s but a quick google search brings up this photo of the Obamas and Dan Rooney at the Pamela’s in the Strip District.

Photo from Daylife.

I have to agree – Pamela’s is pretty amazing.  As we were discussing the amazing hot cakpamelashotcakes.jpges – I was remembering how my friends from Brooklyn who came to check out Pittsburgh last March described the chocolate-chip banana hotcakes – Mark took a bite and pointed at the plate “that is something special.”  I was visiting a good Pittsburgh friend in Brooklyn last weekend and we had a lovely brunch at Relish.  The brunch was good and Relish is a great place in a remodeled diner – but if you want an omelet or hotcakes I think Pamela’s is the best. The photo to the right is my friend from Brooklyn eating Pamela’s hotcakes.

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  • dwight

    The Obamas need to check out the brunch at Dozen the next time they're in town. Heaven on a fork I tell ya!

  • http://insomniaisagift.blogspot.com napoleon says

    how can there be any less love shown?
    that place is amazing.
    i don't live in Pgh anymore, but whenever i come back that is one of my first destinations.

  • Lindsay

    @napoleon – loved your review of Pamela's – where do you live now? let us know if you find any breakfast that compares to Pamela's.

  • http://julie_gong.blogspot.com Julie_Gong

    that top picture is so good.

    also pamela's is so good.

  • Lindsay

    @Julie Gong – thanks! I actually found the top picture when I was looking for other blog posts about Pamela's and that one came up.

  • http://insomniaisagift.blogspot.com napoleon says


    Lancaster, PA.
    but i'm in Pgh about once a month. or at least every other month.

  • http://www.agentska.blogspot.com Agent Ska

    Zenith rocks my world every sunday.

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