Donora is a local band that I really like.  When I moved back here over the summer my friends kept telling me to check them out.  And I have, multiple times.  They truly live up to the good home grown band indie reputation I was promised.  As I write this at home with the flu, Donora is playing their first of two CD release parties on the South Side at the Rex Theater just one hour from now (8:30PM).  LohioMeeting of Important People and Br’er Fox are also playing – cover is only $5.  For those of you that miss the instant RSS, Donora’s second CD release is tomorrow (Saturday) at The Annex on Route 8.  This show is ALL AGES for $2 at 7PM.  Br’er FoxThe Blonde Girls, and Fight the Flow will also be playing.  If I manage to get off the couch tomorrow this is where I’ll be.

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