Meet the Sprout Fund at the November First Fridays on Penn Avenue

The first Friday of every month is celebrated with a big neighborhood wide open house along Penn Ave in the neighborhood of Friendship. Gallerys have snacks and drink, special exhibits are set up and lots of people are walking around.

Tomorrow the Sprout Fund will be opening their doors as part of First Friday’s on Penn Ave for a big Harvest Gathering.

Stop by and learn more about the Sprout Fund and check out some of the cool projects that they help to support here in Pittsburgh.

Friday, November 7, 2008, 5:30-9:30pm
5433 Penn Ave

Music by The Turpentiners and DJ J Malls.
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  • rick byerly

    just for people who don't know about unblurred it's on penn ave in garfield, friendship, and east liberty. a lot of galleries open every first friday of the month and it's always worth checking out

    rick byerly

  • Lindsay

    thanks Rick! What else do you recommend checking out this evening?

  • rick byerly

    i'm gonna try and make it to all the art venues tonight- usually i get lazy and stick to modernformations, garfield artworks, imagebox, most wanted fine art and others which are all close to each other in that part of garfield.

    i want to check out tunnel gallery as well but noticed they aren't on the list for tonight- i'll shoot them an email to find out

    garfield has another evolution in art which will be cool- a lot of artists will have work there

    i like going every month not knowing what i'll run into art-wise

    and i break down the galleries in the area here

    thanks for all the great info you post at i heart, lindsay. awesome work. i have your site linked over at my pittsburgh galleries blog and pghgalleries directory website

    rick byerly