Mr. Rogers, Nancy Reagan and Jimmy Carter – Pictures of the Pittsburgh Quilt

Official White House photograph of Nancy Reaga...Image via WikipediaWhat do Mr. Rogers, Nancy Reagan and Jimmy Carter have in common? They all signed the Pittsburgh Quilt along with Ronald Reagan, Mr. McFeely and 30,000 other Pittsburghers back in 1988. (Never did I think I would have a reason to write about Nancy Reagan on IheartPGH).

Over the summer I wrote about the Pittsburgh Quilt which had been lost in the storage archives for the past 19 years. While I was writing about the quilt, which I had also forgotten about I couldn’t find one picture of it on the internet. So I headed out to the show to see for myself and to take some pictures so that it would have a home on the internet. The quilt was more impressive than I had imagined and I posted a few pictures from the Quilt Show here.

I have finally uploaded the rest of my pictures from the day to Flickr. Click here to see the pictures on Flickr or watch the slide show below.

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3 X 10 = A lot of good talk on Pittsburgh

The CityLive events series is now entering their 2nd year. For the past 12 months they have been putting together some interesting lecture/symposium/panel discussions on a monthly basis at the New Hazlette Theater.  Click here to see a picture and my write up from the first CityLive event last year.

They have covered all sorts of topics from Green Jobs to Leadership.  I think this next event is worth attending – 10 people who are doing great things in Pittsburgh will be speaking for 3 minutes each.

10 People. 3 Minutes.
October 7, 2008, 6:30pm
New Hazlett Theater

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to talk with a few of this great list of presenters.  If I had to make a list of people that are realy doing some great things in Pittsburgh  – this would be a great place to start.  If you think Pittsburgh is boring, or you think there are no jobs here or you are just blah on the burgh – well spend a little time listening to these people talk.

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Links Worth a Look – September 28th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look:

  • MCG Jazz » MCG Jazz Mission – MCG Jazz’s mission is to preserve, present and promote jazz. Through our performances, we strengthen the long time Pittsburgh jazz community and contribute to the overall cultural and artistic diversity of the region. Through our live recordings we reach a national and international audience – a market we’d like to grow. Through our educational programs we are able to have students attend the concerts at low or no cost to them, make artists available for master classes and provide opportunities for internships in production and marketing.
  • Pittsburghers knit items for upcoming movie with Charlize Theron – Check out this great story about how some Pittsbrugh knitters ended up creating some items for an upcoming movie with Charlize Theron
  • Living on Earth: Your Environmental Road Trip – YERT (Your Enviromental Road Trip) who started and ended their trip in Pittsburgh is featured on the radio program Living on Earth.

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The Red Oak Cafe is Rooted in Pittsburgh

Karen D. has the correct answer to the most recent photo trivia – this picture is the writing above the door at the Red Oak Cafe in Oakland.  Friend of IheartPGH suggested this place for lunch earlier this month and I have been back twice.  You can read my review of Red Oak Cafe here on Yelp.

Whats Yelp? – Yelp is a great website that lets users review all sorts of local places – anyone can write a review.  Sign up and help put Pittsburgh on the Yelp map.

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Wilderness First Aid

A&E sign common in the UK.Image via WikipediaIf you are interested in taking your outdoors skills to the next level – this is the course for you.  Venture Outdoors is bringing the people from NOLS, which is an amazing organization that lead outdoor trips and education, to Western PA for a weekend in Wilderness First Aid.  Sign up by Oct. 1, 2008 if you are interested.

Venture Outdoors is proud to host a two-day, 16-hour Wilderness First Aid workshop through the internationally recognized Wilderness Medical Institute of NOLS. The workshop takes place on Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2 at Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center, an hour North of Pittsburgh. [Read more…]