I am going to the Quilt Show to see the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt

Well, here is an event I never thought I would think about attending but I am actually looking forward to this Quilt Show. While Quilt Shows aren’t one of my normal weekend hangouts, I am often looking for unusual events to check out. This is what caught my eye:

There will be a MUST-SEE SPECIAL DISPLAY of the Buhl Science Center’s PITTSBURGH FRIENDSHIP QUILT, that was in storage since 1989. The quilt is made of more than 32,000 squares signed by National and Local Political Figures, including 4 U.S. Presidents, Celebrities, Sports Teams, Schools, Community Groups & Buhl Visitors.

What is this Friendship Quilt? I have just spent the past hour googling every combination of Pittsburgh + Friendship + Quilt I can think of – I can’t find anything about this thing. But with 32,000 squares this is no little quilt. Since it has been in storage since 1989, before such things as blogs and flickr I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I can’t find anything. I even checked the deep archives of the Post-Gazette but that only goes back to the ancient time of 1990. I vaguely remember lots of little squares of fabric hanging on the wall of the Bulh Science Center during a field trip. I think I might have even signed one of those little squares.

Here is some more important info about the quilt:

Mr. Rogers and McFeely signed the quilt as did newscasters Bill and Patty Burns.

So I am planning to go check out this quilt show, hopefully they will let me take some pictures so that this quilt can have some proper representation on the web.

If you know anything about this quilt or might actually have a picture you could scan in – I think 1989 was before the household digital camera – I would love to include it here too.

The Quilt Company East – Art From The Heart Quilt Show
CCAC Boyce Campus, 595 Beatty Road, Monroeville 15146
$5 Admission
Friday, August 1, 2008 – 10am-5pm
Saturday, August 2, 2008 – 10am-5pm
Sunday, August 3, 2008 11am-5pm

For lots more info about Quilting in Pittsburgh – check out QuiltPittsburgh.org they have a list of local quilting guilds and quilting shops.

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Pictures from the Water Balloon Fight

I really didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to volunteer at the Market Square Water Balloon Fight. It was an awesome afternoon – there had been a group of volunteers who spent all day filling water balloons. When I arrived around 3, a crowd had formed and was enjoying the music of Joy Ike (Joy is fan of IheartPGH and it was great to hear her preform). Omar-Abdul took over as DJ to get the crowd pumped up. I am not just saying this because I Omar-Abdul is a friend, he is one of the best DJs I know. I didn’t have a full appreciation of the skill of a DJ until we had a run in with a not great one back at the IheartPGH party last year. I have heard Omar-Abdul many a time and it is always a good time. If you see his name on the list of DJ’s then you are in for a treat. Check out his monthly event The Big Throw Back which is usually at the Brillobox each month.

At 4pm The kids fight kicked off and it was 15 minutes of cute kids going crazy. The kids fight was followed by the adult fight – 2 pick up trucks filled with water balloons were moved into the middle of market square for the event. It was really great to see so many people fill market square and just enjoy the summer in Pittsburgh. One of my favorite pictures is above and here are some other pictures I took during the day.

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Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Other blog coverage of the fight:

Pittsburgh isn’t the only city throwing water balloons – check out this one in San Francisco to honor John Wayne:

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Live from the donut eating competition

Live from the donut eating competition

Originally uploaded by IheartPGH (Click here to see more pictures…)

I am in market square for the donut eating contest. This is a picture from round 1. The top competitor has consumed 16 donut holes in the 1 minute. Over 30 people have signed up to compete. I am posting other pictures on flickr – click on the above picture to see more. Rumor has is the the number 6 competitive eater in the world is competing this evening.

Radio Round Up – July 25, 2008

Red Dress Run

  • The Hash House Harriers, Pittsburgh’s drinking club with a running problem, are running in red dresses to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Donut Easting Contest

  • Part of PUMP’s Stay and Play Friday’s in Market Square – eat donuts, win prizes
  • You must preregister for the contest

North Side Celebration in the Park

  • Noon-5pm
  • Car Cruise with the Rodfathers of Butler
  • Treasure Hunt for the Kids – “Where’s Allegheny City”
  • Crafts, Music and Food

Market Square Water Balloon Fight

  • huge public water balloon fight
  • 3-5pm
  • kid friendly area and spectators areas
  • FREE

The Grind

  • Coffee Tasting for everyone
  • Coffee and Snacks from the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh

Running in A Red Dress

The Hash Hound Harriers, Pittsburgh’s Drinking Club with a Running Problem are back in RED.  Friday, July 25th, 2008 is their Red Dress Run.  Yep they will be running around town in red dresses – Men and Women, in red dresses.   Check out my post on one of their past runs for a definition of a hash run .

Friday July 25th at 6:30pm
Gene’s Last Chance (in the Strip)
2533 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Donation to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – $11
Bring money for trail. Start shopping for your red dresses if you dont have any yet.

For you virgin red dressers:
1. Everyone wears a red dress – men and women.
b. Some do the minimal – wearing red shirts and pants/shorts – pansies!
iii. Some go all out – men in drag and women in prom dresses. – Sexxy sexxy!!!

Then we do a hash in our red dresses. That means we follow a trail of flour, and drink alcoholic beverages.

Pittsburgh Hash Hound Harriers Website:  www.pgh-h3.com

Click here for a blog post from Niels who was blogging about training for the Boston Marathon and writes about his first run with the Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers back in January.