Cold Hearted Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day the Should I Drink that Team has put together some thoughts on some lovely beers with miserable names.

Check out their latest podcast – Love Stinks – where they review the following beers – Rogue’s Brutal Bitter, Erie Brewing Misery Bay IPA, Bells Two Hearted Ale

If you haven’t had a chance to visit & listen to Should I Drink That – you should – Sick Puppy and Father Spoon (who are really great people – don’t let the serious names deter you) have an award winning podcast about all things beer and they live right here in Pittsburgh so they visit many local watering holes.

Click here to see my other post about SIDT and see a rare photo of me and Sick Puppy.

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  • Hey there!
    Thanks for the mad props! We wanted to do something different for Valentine's Day so an "Anti-Valentines Day" show pretty much fit the bill! E-mail us back and let us know if you would like to do something with SIDT & I Heart PGH, maybe a beer sampling or something similar!