All fun and games

All fun and games Originally uploaded by IheartPGH (Click here to see more pictures…) The logo man bobble head is just one of the many fabulous prizes at the PUMP ( trivia night.

East of Liberty Part 2

Chris Ivey is an film maker who works on documentarys around the world, but calls Pittsburgh home.  Chris has been working on capturing the story of East Liberty for a few years now.  I was luck enough to catch a glimpse of some of the raw footage a year or so ago when Chris happened […]

Immaculate Reception in the Final Four – Your Vote is Needed Now

Even if you only know a little bit about Pittsburgh sports history, you know that the Immaculate Reception is an important moment in Pittsburgh and American sports history. Well sports fans, the Immaculate Reception is in the final 4 for ESPN’s Greatest Sports Highlight. Currently, The Immaculate Reception is up against Miracle on Ice. The […]

Photo Trivia

Photo Trivia Originally uploaded by IheartPGH (Click here to see more pictures…) So I am still waiting for an answer to the last photo trivia but here is another picture to identify. Where is this located?

Friday Fun – Blogfest 13 at Fi…

Friday Fun – Blogfest 13 at Finnegan’s Wake and the ImadeIt Fashion Show at the Brewhouse