East of Liberty Part 2

Chris Ivey is an film maker who works on documentarys around the world, but calls Pittsburgh home.  Chris has been working on capturing the story of East Liberty for a few years now.  I was luck enough to catch a glimpse of some of the raw footage a year or so ago when Chris happened to bring his laptop into the Shadow Lounge.  There has been a lot of talk about East Liberty lately, especially with the new development there.  East of Liberty is a look at the stories of East Liberty and the neighbors that don’t often make the news.

Chapter 2 “The Fear of US” is a follow up to the first documentary that opened last year.  Part 1 has recieved much attention and was screened in London in May of 2007.

Watch the tailer for East of Liberty Part 2 here.

East of Liberty Website:  EastofLiberty.com
Chris Ivey’s Website:  hyperboymedia.com

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Immaculate Reception in the Final Four – Your Vote is Needed Now

Even if you only know a little bit about Pittsburgh sports history,
you know that the Immaculate Reception is an important
moment in Pittsburgh and American sports history.

Well sports fans, the Immaculate Reception is in the final 4 for ESPN’s Greatest Sports Highlight. Currently, The Immaculate Reception is up against Miracle on Ice. The winner will be announced on Tue 2/26 – so click here to vote today! Your vote can send this important Pittsburgh Sports Highlight to the final round.

I have provided a link to the wikipedia page about the Immaculate Reception if you are not familiar with the term. Click the link or just ask the nearest Pittsburgher – chance are they can explain it to you. Even if you are familiar with the play, I recommend looking at the Wikipedia article – it provides some fascinating information about the entire play, complete with scientific research.