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One of the great things about holidays is that we usually get to catch up on some movies. I have been wanting to compile some reviews of Pittsburgh books and movies but there are some I haven’t seen in quite some time. I let my sister select the movie this evening and she suggested The Bread My Sweet. This is a delightful little movie that was filmed here in Pittsburgh in 2001. Scott Baio plays an executive/baker at the Enrico Biscotti company in the Strip district.
The film is filled with great views of Pittsburgh and the bakery. It is a little cheesy but a nice story and you just can’t not like Scott Baio’s character.

The movie was renamed “A Wedding for Bella” when it was released on video/DVD. The film is available on Netflix - add it to your list and let us know what you think.

What other movies filmed in Pittsburgh are your favorites – I am working on putting together a list. Please share.

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  1. Wonder Boys has got to make your list!

    Love love love!

  2. As far as movies, it's all about "Striking Distance" with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker. There's some great Pittsburgh scenery in that one … if you can stand Bruce Willis.

    Let me know when you review books that have to do with Pittsburgh. The Chase for Beauty comes to mind, about the Clockwork Orange Murder in Squirrel Hill.

  3. ok, i had to reread the blog posting. i thought this was a joke. the trailer was just lousy. i dont say that to be mean-spirited, either.

    it looks like "moonstruck", with the typical stereotypes of italian-americans. thats why i thought this was an elaborate parody.

  4. “Dogma” and “Wonder Boys” are two I can think of that need to be added to your list if they aren’t on there already.

  5. Here are a few that come to mind:
    Wonder Boys
    Monkey Shines
    Innocent Blood
    Night of the Living Dead (Zelienople)
    Dawn of the Dead (Monroeville Mall)
    Deerhunter (which I’ve never actually seen)
    Inspector Gadget
    and don’t forget The Mysteries of Pittsburgh which was supposed to be out by now.

  6. I was so excited to read this post, I was an extra in The Bread, My Sweet! I will say, the movie is nothing too spectacular, but it is a cute story. I would recommend it.

    p.s. Keep you eyes open for a teenage girl buying biscotti!

  7. thanks for the comment. I will look for you in the movie.

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  1. [...] Another fun fact about the Enrico Biscotti Company is that it was the setting for the film The Bread My Sweet – which starred Scott Baio and was filmed at the biscotti co in 2001.  The film was released on video under the title A Wedding for Bella.  You can read my blog post about the film here. [...]

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