Pretzel Love

I have been posting some reviews of Pittsburgh places over on Yelp! (I think everyone else should leave their reviews and pictures there too). I know I have blogged about my love for the Pretzel shop before but I am going to share it again. I stopped in this morning and I love this place! This is a picture of a bag of fresh pretzels that I picked up this morning.

This is THE BEST place to eat in Pittsburgh. I wish I could give this place 10 stars. I love pretzels! I love this place. I love that they won’t wait on you if you are talking on your cell phone. I love that lunch is less than $3.
My second favorite food to pretzels is probably rice krispie treats – and they sell those too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I am adding some pictures of fresh pretzels!


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  • pete

    i absolutely love this place as well!

    it was a sad day when they raised their prices, but everything is still worth it!

  • jason

    ok, so wait– you kinda like pretzels?

    they look delicious. i havent had pretzels like those in eons.