Best Holiday Commercial EVER!

Of course it is from Pittsburgh! According to the YouTube comments this commercial has been running since 1982.
I was thinking that I had not seen this commercial on TV yet this holiday season. A quick search of YouTube solved that. Eat N’Park’s Public Relations has even put together a schedule of when the commercial will air if you want to watch it on real TV.

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  • Bram R

    Thanks. LOVED the flip-book.

  • Jack

    I admit, I don't fully understand this commercial, though my girlfriend is ob-sessed with it as well. Sometimes she talks about it when its not even Christmas, just simply says, "Man, that Eat 'n' Park commercial is the best commercial in the world."

    I'm not sure why I don't get it – maybe I haven't lived here long enough. Though I do dig that one radio spot they had last year, with the guy singing something to the tune of Jingle Bells along the lines, "Oh my god, Holy Crap, Christmas time is here and I'm such a dunderhead for forgetting to buy my friends gifts I guess I can buy them Eat 'n' Park gift cards, thank you sweet Jesus." Sadly, I don't think that one came back this year.

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  • Max Power

    They didn't play it one year and the public outcry was intense.

  • Max Power

    They didn’t play it one year and the public outcry was intense.