Radio Round Up – October 12, 2007

12 hours of AIR Artist Image Resource 6th Annual Benefit Saturday, October 13th, Noon-Midnight $10 admission = beer, food, fun, print making, performances and more Troop Jazzercise Pittsburgh, The Mobile Museum, East End Beer StepTrek Sunday October 14, Noon-4pm Southside Slopes Neighborhood Association Self guided tour of the city steps and Southside Slopes neighborhood Of […]

Steelers Withdrawal Hike

Thankfully, Venture Outdoors is here to help you make it through the bye week. Hike this sunday so you can eat wings and taco dip next Sunday. I am already signed up for the StepTrek, but this looks like my kind of hike. The folks at Venture Outdoors are great and very welcoming to beginners […]

People who Play with Electricity

Dorkbot Pittsburgh has a meeting coming up.  Popular in other cities around the country, Dorkbot has had a Pittsburgh chapter for the past year.  I am a big fan of some of the people who have worked to bring dorkbot to Pittsburgh and I know they are involved in some interesting stuff happening here in […]

12 hours of A.I.R.

I have a special place in my heart for A.I.R.  Before was a .com, IheartPGH was a t-shirt that my friend and I printed on a very basic screenprinting set-up in my basement.  This screenprinting set-up was far from easy or professional.  Screens were burned with a lightbulb under a pie pan.  In 2005, […]


I made sure to hop on the stairmaster at the gym last weekend so that I will be ready for the annual South Side Slopes StepTrek. If you are an urban hiker or a hiker in gerneral this is an event for you. This is the annual fundraiser for the South Side Sloped neighborhood association. […]