I need more love everyday

is the title of a great robert randolph and the family band song. And it is the perfect theme song for this post.

More PGH Love is the subject line of the new daily IheartPGH email. Now you can have the newest posts from IheartPGH sent right to your email everyday. Anyday that there are new posts on IheartPGH you will recieve and email with the subject “More PGH Love” and a summary of the newest posts on IheartPGH.

Thats what we are here for, making it even easier to love Pittsburgh.

Just add your email belows (there is also a sign up box over there on the right) and click subscribe.  You will receive and email to confirm your subscription.  Then just sit back and let the love come to you.

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  • steve

    how do you start your own threads on here? kinda hard to figure out. also i'm looking for stuff going on around town for the 4th of july, and also just for the summer.

  • Lindsay

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for stopping buy. You can email your topic to me and I can get something started. What are you looking for?
    Or you can sign up as an author. Directions are in the FAQ.