Pittsburgh rated “Most livable” once again, Sienna Miller unavailable for comment

places_rated_coverSeen this morning in the PG, the 25th anniversary edition of the Places Rated Almanac ranks Pittsburgh Number One overall as “most livable”, so… good for us, I think.

Overall, the city scores relatively well across a lot of categories, although not near the top in any of them. Factor them all together, though, and we end up at the top of the metropolitan heap.

Quote of the article from author David Savageau: “It’s got a crummy climate, I know that.” So I’m thinking that if we could get the whole city on one of those big trucks that they use to move houses and take the whole kit and caboodle – hills, rivers, and all – say 500 or so miles south, we’d have an absolute choke hold on this rating forever.

Clearly, “Quality Of Local Bloggers Named Patrick Who Write About Stuff To Do On Weekends” wasn’t a factor, so thank the deity of your choice for that, or we might have finished lower. A lot lower.

(UPDATE: Pitt Girl spreads the good word… as does The Carbolic.)

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  • Patrick you beat me to it. I was very excited to write about this. Well, we already know that Pittsburgh is a great place to live. But it is really nice to be recognized for that.