Git Aht! – Things To Do This Weekend

(Things to do while fleeing for your life from a good source of lycopene …)

Friday, April 27
Wine Tasting at The Warhol, 5:30 p.m., The Warhol, North Shore Side
warhol_wine_bottle Have some grape in the company of screen prints at the Warhol. Big Burrito provides four different wines and accompanying cheeses, The Warhol provides the atmosphere. If you see anyone dressed up as Valerie Solanas, keep your eye on them. If you dress up as Valerie Solanas, have someone keep an eye on you.

Phat Man Dee, 6:00 & 9:00 p.m., Backstage Bar at Theater Square, Le District de Cultural, Dahntahn
phatmandee Running two shows a night like she’s workin’ the Vegas circuit, Dee drops by the Backstage Bar for a couple shows, and she’s at the point now where it’s like “Yeah, sure, I can stop by on my way somewhere else, sing a song or two” like she’s running the joint, then maybe stopping off at Jilly’s for a whiskey. Dee’s got a growing repertoire and she’ll show it off tonight, so stop by before the show, after the show, during the show, for the show.

Jalsah, 8:30 p.m., The Zenith, Sahsside
clash According to the site, Jalsah is “a community event designed to promote awareness about middle-eastern music, culture, and dance. It is a place for both teachers, students, and non-initiates to network and learn more about traditional forms of music and dance.”

So, I think that means you can head on down there and jam out. I’m frantically calling around to see if I can rent a tuba. I’ve never played a tuba in my life, but I think they need one to add some bottom to it, some presence. The folks at Zenith trying to eat their delicious vegetarian meals would appreciate it, is what I’m thinking. Oom-pah.

Attack Theater “Games Of Steel”, 8:00 p.m., Kelly Strayhorn Theater, ‘Sliberty
GamesOfSteel Attack Theater brings the show back to town after performing on a country wide tour, and these are the last performances in the Pittsburgh area. Aiming to make dance more accessible, AT presents a show filled with ladders to nowhere, seesaws, and a live band. Dance Magazine calls the show “ever-entertaining and hellishly fun” which is coincidentally exactly what my ex-wife called our marriage in the divorce papers, but unlike Dance Magazine, she went on to say, “but I’m just tired of the marathon bongo-playing sessions/beer tastings/cohiba smoking on weeknights when I have to go to work the next morning. And besides, he leaves his friggin’ socks everywhere. I swear, I found one in the fridge.*”

(* Aht v. Aht , 149 F.2d, 103-104 (1st C.Pl. 2004))

Saturday, April 28
Charity Bar Crawl, 4:00 p.m., Shootz, Sahsside
Drinking For A Cause kicks off with an early one, but the charity involved is worthy so we’ll quiten down and bend with the breeze. Benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, the cost is 10 bucks and will tours all the way down Carson, starting at Shootz with the registration (not to worry if you can’t make it at 4 as they’re not moving on until 5:30, a much more palatable drinking hour) but other bars could be Jekyll’s, Tiki, and personal favorite Bar 11. Speaking of which, the scars have actually just about healed so I’m ready to go back to 11. Cause I go to 11. No, I’m not just gonna make 10 louder. Eff you.

Art All Night, 5:00 p.m., The Catalyst Building, Lawrenceville
Sleep All Day!No, Slaughter won’t be there, but The Spuds will, and that means something if you are, like me, of A Certain Age.

The annual mini-fest kicks off at 5 with events that are, y’know, for kids. Around 8, the music starts with The Spuds, followed by acts every hour or so the rest of the night (including Joy Ike who I saw performing at Flux a couple weeks back) until midnight when DJ Zombo spins until the wee hours.

The cool thing about the whole, well, thing is that anyone who wants to put a piece in can. Check the details on submissions here. This is an annual Good Gig, and last year they had over 10,000 people stroll through, so go early or go late, but you should go.

Sunday, April 29
Art All Night, 10:00 a.m., The Catalyst Building, Lawrenceville
And if you can’t make it Saturday night, well, it goes on into the next morning. So stop by after brunch and see it all until 2 on Sunday, with more music starting at 10 o’clock in the blessed a.m.
Because Knowing Where To Go (and drink) Is Half The Battle
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Pittsburgh rated “Most livable” once again, Sienna Miller unavailable for comment

places_rated_coverSeen this morning in the PG, the 25th anniversary edition of the Places Rated Almanac ranks Pittsburgh Number One overall as “most livable”, so… good for us, I think.

Overall, the city scores relatively well across a lot of categories, although not near the top in any of them. Factor them all together, though, and we end up at the top of the metropolitan heap.

Quote of the article from author David Savageau: “It’s got a crummy climate, I know that.” So I’m thinking that if we could get the whole city on one of those big trucks that they use to move houses and take the whole kit and caboodle – hills, rivers, and all – say 500 or so miles south, we’d have an absolute choke hold on this rating forever.

Clearly, “Quality Of Local Bloggers Named Patrick Who Write About Stuff To Do On Weekends” wasn’t a factor, so thank the deity of your choice for that, or we might have finished lower. A lot lower.

(UPDATE: Pitt Girl spreads the good word… as does The Carbolic.)